olives are in and the yurt’s as cosy as a sheep’s belly

Maurice and Natalie and two person sized bags of sheep’s wool insulation accompanied me this weekend for some farming and fresh air- well apart from the air directly underneath the insulation when you are squashing into the yurt roof. sheep’s wool is the greenest of the green, which means the dust that comes off it is not toxic glass, but it still gets in your eyes and mouth. i opted for sunglasses and a scarf round my mouth as protective gear.

meanwhile my guests got busy harvesting olives. i’m proud to have helpers coming to do farm work, everyone enjoys themselves and it’s work that i just don’t have time to do. i’ve just registered on the WWOOFing website as well because my trees really need some love and attention and my plans for the next few months only involve stone, diggers and lime mortar.

the olive harvest was much better than last year – two buckets full! but there’s still half a tree of good olives, and three trees of small ones – maybe ok to make oil? – left if anyone else wants to come and help!

on sunday afternoon we walked up to the viewpoint on the hill in the sunshine – amazing every time, i love it up there, i should go every weekend.

do you want to see photos?

One thought on “olives are in and the yurt’s as cosy as a sheep’s belly

  1. looks toasty, should work the other way in summer too – still looking forward to my night under the ‘canvas’… 😉

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