i went to españa profunda

Teruel does exist – look i have photographic evidence:

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The key elements to notice from these photos are…

1) how damn cosy the yurt is 🙂 i mean who’d have thought the insulation and the shit porch would make such a difference? and the fleecy blanket someone left behind makes a perfect curtain, cheers whoever that was. The fire stayed lit until 4.30 when i chucked a bit more on. The only cold bit was when i got in the car at dawn on my journey to Teruel city, the county capital…

2) see all those rocks? that took me half an hour. no word of a lie

So, deepest Spain… it’s flat, but not desert. the hills in the distance were white on top, but not proper snow. there were trains on the old railway line, but not real ones. the main tourist attraction seems to be poor replicas of trains and mining paraphernalia. I was in Teruel city for approximately half an hour to pick up my project “visado” then had to rush back (6 hr round trip) to get back to my local council office to hand it in for the final step.

It was my most important day so far… one step away from permission to build the shed… and should have been exciting, but my local civil servants pretty much crushed all my excitment by appearing to be determined not to let the project go ahead.

The words that come out of their mouth are “we’ll have it in january” but under their breath they say things like “I wouldn’t have passed this project, but Juan did and he’s my boss” and then, instead of them giving me a list of papers i need to hand in… I have to tell them!

“No you don’t need anything else apart from the project”

“Don’t i need the paper showing i’m in the cooperative?”

” Oh yes, you need that”

Seriously.. if I was relying on just them, would this project ever get approved? It’s almost a social experiment i’d like to try.

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