cycling is brillant!

john's personal disco and my legwarmers

versión en castellano

gandesa - 20k in after a vermouth then a sandwich

on saturday we had clear blue skies and it was warm enough to bask in the sun on our rest stops. we stuck on the N-420 all the way from Mora la Nova to boodaville with breaks for vermouth and sandwiches.

took a photo of john behind me from my bike. except he's not there

boodaville by night was freeezing. literally. after a candelit pasta dinner by the fire, the brave tent and yurt dwellers took hot water bottles back to their crispy icy dwellings…

boodaville without a view, we woke up to this mist on sunday

sunday was a completely grey haze, we left at midday but it still felt like early morning and that the mist was about to burn off.

it didn’t stop us having a great day though; taking in an abandoned factory before john and bernat explored a river path that wasn’t and had to get themselves back up a 20m bank to the road. we picked up the RT-09 Terra Alta cycle route from Caseres to Bot, which was bit by bit uphill with an awesome descent at the end and an only slightly obscured view of the mountains. a quick vermouth in Bot followed by via verde directly to mel’s warm, welcoming, nearly built house for mulled wine and a sausage and mash dinner.

absolutely great, when’s the next trip?

taking pictures while cycling...

...nice eh....

a little bit jealous?

arrived saturday 4pm in the sunshine
john, bernat, pete, alice and a ruined factory

it's not a real adventure unless you have to climb through brambles up a bank with a bicycle (the path by the river didn't exist after all)

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