Celebrando TODO…!!!


(Gala celebrando la vida, en la cima de la montaña Santa Bárbara, Horta de Sant Joan)

Hoy es el día de todas las celebraciones, aquí al aparato estoy yo: Claudia, y me siento algo rara, porque normalmente pienso que no se cómo va esto de celebrar y ahora me toca una marathon…



(foto de mayo, Caseres, Ágave empeznado a florecer)


Celebrar, es una parte esencial en el diseño permacultural, ¡¿cómo podríamos formar parte de la alternativa si no celebramos y nos cuidamos después de trabajar?! Pues bien, como os podréis imaginar si conocéis Boodaville y si no os lo cuento: no ha sido fácil llegar hasta aquí y me siento muy orgullosa de poder celebrar con vosotrxs tantas cosas hoy  (¡o al menos intentarlo!)

Nuestro proyecto llega hoy exactamente a su ecuador!!!!!!

Son fiestas en toda la región y todas las calles están coloridas!!!!!!

Es el santo de María !!!!! (y su mamá ha hecho pastel y se lo ha dado a su vecina)

Es luna llena

y por fin… (redoble de tambores) 

¡¡¡¡tenemos puerta en casa!!!!!

 (stay tunned para ver pronto foticos!)


Y aun más cosas: mañana es el cumpleaños de Inge, nos hacen queso vegano en la pizzería y aun hay agua para regar el huerto a pesar de la super sequía!!!!

El sábado vamos a visitar los huertos de Lxs Pamies y a un curso de poda para frutales para mantener sano y alegre nuestro bosque comestible.

Gracias a todxs lxs que nos acompañais y formais parte en este bonito viaje

a Adam, estás con nosotros,

y a las preciosas flores de calabacín que me dan esperanza cuando se nubla por dentro y me recuerdan lo que es celebrar la vida!


(el mismo Ágave, florecido, en Agosto)


We are looking for a longterm volunteer!

Ever dreamed of working in nature? Or wanted to learn about permaculture? Live four months in the beautiful border area of Catalunya and Aragon (Spain), or all of the above? If yes, an amazing opportunity has now opened in Boodaville. We are looking for an ESC volunteer, starting immediately until december. Working and living in Boodaville is an experience you will keep with you for the rest of your life! Does this sound like something you would like? Then please sent your CV and a motivation letter to thegurney@gmail.com

Find all the information here:





“Reliving Let’s Regenerate” food forest project from April 2019″

Hi all,

Its already the end of June, for us in Boodaville this means high temperatures, close to no rain and a lot of work. But that is a good thing. And the best thing this year must be to be able to watch the Boodaville food forest thrive in these harsh conditions. It has been an absolute joy to watch it grow and be able to harvest. We are aware that we are only reaping the fruits planted by the ones before us. Without the amazing design of Kate and the brave volunteers of Youth In Permaculture last April the Food Forest would not be here right now. So now seems like a good time to look back at a successful week in which the next phase off the food forest started. Because permaculture is among so many other things about sharing, we want to share a little about the process leading to Let´s Regenerate and the week itself.

The tale of the food forest starts in October 2016. During 2016, 2017 and 2018, also known as the first phase. Paths were outlined and the first tree donuts were a fact. A key component was learning by observation which gave us a lot of information. So we arrive in April 2019. All the ingredients are in Boodaville; all the information gathered over the years, a piece of land where multiple regenerating practice have taken place, Kate’s design and a group of passionate volunteers.


The idea behind the design is to create guilds. These are families of plants that support each other.guild.jpg

If you are interested in knowing more about the desing check out the design report:

Boodaville Food Forest Design Report

Let’s regenerate took place in seven days. Seven days of hard work, planting trees, working together and fun!



We want to again thank everyone involved!

Supported by


Life of a Boodaville volunteer: May

So I here am, one month into my adventure. An adventure I share with my fellow volunteers, our mentor and our growing Boodaville family. A seven months journey into permaculture. A month does not seem much. Its only four weeks. Thirty one days off working in the morning, eating and relaxing in the afternoon and working some more in the cooling evening. All this while enjoying nature 24/7. The month may felt like a lifetime to me, but in the best way.

I learned that permaculture is based upon three principles: care for the Earth, fair share and caring for people (and animals!). When applying for this project I imagined most off my learning would be in caring for the Earth. And I have learned a lot, I learned how to use zais systems to regenerate the earth and get rid of your compost, how worms are not disgusting but beautiful hard working creatures. I learned that nature as a design inspiration leads to impressive gardens like our own Boodaville food forest. Also when you cut grass it gives the nutrients a chance to return to the Earth. A month ago cutting grass seemed to me a waste of time but I now consider it to be my new hobby.

But the thing I truly learned a lot about is caring for others (both people and animals). The sharing circles though often emotionally draining have made me realize many things about myself and others. And help me accept some off those. Living in a group, a community, a wolf pack, has both been amazing but also challenging. The key to being a successful group is not to never have friction but how you handle it. Storms may be gathering, rain may fall, it’s good for growing.

Last week I was asked if I have a motto. I found out that I do. “Perfection does not exist.” But striving for perfection is a noble cause. To me, permaculture seems a great way to at least try.

Maranya Festival 2019!

After months of preparation and anticipation the Maranya festival finally took place!On may 24, 25 and 26th we experienced the bioescuela, interesting workshops, rain, music and most of all had an amazing time! So for those who were there here are some photo’s to relive and for those who weren’t here are some photo’s to give you a nice insight in the fun side of permaculture ;).

Also check out this interesting video:

As you can see the rain could not get us down. A big thank you to all who made this Maranya festival possible. Lets do it again next year!!


We are here!

Dear readers of this Boodaville blog,

Together with spring the Boodaville season has started in April. But our adventure as ECS volunteers at Boodaville has just begun. Adam, Maria, Santiago and me, Inge, have been selected as this years long-term volunteers with Claudia and Gala as our much needed mentors. We are all super excited and honoured to become a part of this beautiful place and meet all the amazing people connected to it. For the coming seven months we will live at Boodaville and in Caseres. We will be working at the site, be active on social media and hope to become part of, and make new, networks with other permaculture projects.

For me personally these first two weeks as a Boodaville volunteer have already made a huge impact on me. Meeting my fellow volunteers, Claudia, Anna, and all the others who are passionate about permaculture and Boodaville has been the best of experiences. Leaving my old life, my family and friends behind for seven months has been both exciting and hard. Jumping into an unknown situation like this project should be. I can now honestly say that having the right people around you makes taking a huge step like this so much easier. The philosophy of permaculture is not only obvious in the way Boodaville is designed but also in the way we work together as a group. We seek solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Our differences are not important, we all respect each other and focus on those things that connect us.

So please follow us if you are interested in our journey and the amazing thing we are planning this season for Boodaville. We will post content on this blog, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. We will also be present at the coming Maranya festival. Hope to see you there!

Day 2 Let’s Regenerate

Starting the practical work in the future food forest.. the chopped grass was raked to the side to be used later, and we brought a machine to turn the soil, not very deeply. This is a one time intervention to decompact and add organic matter to the soil. The participants are great and didn’t want to stop working for lunch!!