Olive harvest Part 1, and planting

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Team Mulberry! We didn’t collect the olives, they won’t be ready for another 2 weeks.. so we’ll be coming back again. We planted 2 small trees, lots of seeds, broccoli and put down mulch, mulch and more mulch!! A great weekend ūüôā Thanks to Javi, Fer and Maja.

The tree is so small it doesn’t even stick up above the mulch in the photo! A little mulberry, given to us by Gerald in Albinyana! Thank you
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A geeky post about designing…

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At the Riberola Festival¬†on 7th October Boodaville ran an Intro to Permaculture workshop and we did a practical planting seeds of 3 different types of trees, which have properties such as – drought resistant, fast growing, providing food for animals, (Jujube is edible for humans too), fixing nitrogen, resistant to high and low temperatures, don’t have loads of pests. The trees are Honey Locust, Jujube and Italian Buckthorn.

We left the seeds in vinegar for a few hours (ideally it would be overnight) and we scratched the surface of the seeds.. this imitates the natural process of the seeds being chewed by animals then in their acidic stomachs for a while.

Here is the picture of the seeds on the 10th November.

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Honestly I have no idea whether anything growing there is the beginning of a tree. I mean I can see what is grass, but the other little things sprouting… I’m not sure!! What I did notice before I pulled out most of the grass is that the one pot with a bit of straw mulch, upper right of the photo you see? That pot had 5 times as much grass¬†as the others. (yes.. i should have taken that picture!!)

¬°¬°¬°THE GAME!!!!¬† : SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! between the three pictures ūüôā


Winter Seedlings Photo 1
Winter Seedlings Photo 1
Winter Seedlings Photo 2
Winter Seedlings Photo 2
Winter Seedlings Photo 3
Winter Seedlings Photo 3

And here’s an explanation of what’s going on in these pictures. The level of detail to which we plan every step of the design is incredible¬†to me. There’s so much to think about… I mean it took me weeks to find out which trees would be good to plant and to then collect the seeds. Luckily other permaculturists around have given me some seeds and helped out with that bit – Gerald gave me Honey Locust pods to take out the seeds, Alessandro told me about the Italian Buckthorn on the outskirts of Barcelona, and Richard gave me a bag of Jujube fruit he had collected from a tree about 10km from Boodaville.

The next step is leaving the seeds to grow over winter. They need water, they mustn’t freeze, and some sunshine would be good. Here are some of the things I thought about when I set them up like this

  1. Near the thermal mass wall of the house to prevent freezing
  2. Straw insulation
  3. Leave the crate a little bit away from the wall so none of the trees stay dry under the overhanging roof
  4. Leave the crate directly on the ground so there is drainage and they won’t get flooded in a storm
  5. No straw between the wall and the crate as the wall is the warm bit
  6. Relatively wind protected location
  7. Location that gets sun from 1pm until half an hour before sunset
  8. Overhanging tree will also help prevent frost
  9. Stones to help keep straw in place
  10. The changes I made between photos 1 and 3 in your spot the difference game were the last things I adjusted.


Thank you so much to Gerald in Albinyana for teaching me all of this!! and any comments, suggestions to people who’ve managed to read this far are very very welcome!!

A little story about this year..

One Sunday in September I went up towards the eco-community at Can Masdeu on a mission. It was before the open days had started for this season, and even after my best attempts at persuasion, Kira and Bernat weren’t that keen to come with me, so they got off the metro early and went to the Labyrinth park. I carried on, went quickly and sweatily up the track to Can Masdeu to collect cuttings and seeds from the Italian Buckthorn trees up there in the food forest. I didn’t see anyone, did the job, then went to find the family in the park. I can’t say it was a bad day.
At home the next day I put some lentils on wet kitchen paper in a tupperware and left them to germinate.
A few days later I arrived at Boodaville with happy tree cuttings in water, sprouting lentils, and a link to the youtube video that shows you exactly how to mix them together so those lentil sprouting enzymes can help the cuttings grow into new trees.
Sadly the volunteers on site weren’t so happy. There had been arguments, expressed and unexpressed differences of opinion, and everyone seemed tired. I couldn’t offer them more than material they needed to work, youtube videos, a list of how to run the site, and to be on the end of the phone. That was just a few days before all the volunteers left, leaving site empty for the last two weeks of the season. Those cuttings are now dead in their pot and the story of this year is that although many amazing jobs did get done, there is so much left on the list…
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 09.15.13 (1)
Even with care and lentil enzymes would those cuttings have survived anyway? Who knows! And that is the pattern of a project like this, up and down, but with passion and soul behind it to keep trying, keep learning and know that permaculture is the right path.
Today I’m going back to Boodaville, with family, Maja and other friends, and we will stay in a warm and welcoming house rented from a local in Calaceite. We will harvest the olives, keep going with the unfinished planting jobs, enjoy the richness and complexity of nature and of this ongoing, incredible, soul-filling, rollercoaster of a project.
I’m not sure of the exact date, but it is almost a year to the day that I saw OJ for the last time. I miss him.
I am filled with gratitude to all the people who have stepped in when things got tough this year, especially in recent months Kate, Rob, Kerry, Bernat, Maja and Oriol. And we are looking for people who have passion and love Boodaville to join us for more adventures next year and into the future!

Linking rural and urban projects..

Boodaville Permaculture Education Project¬†ha participado en el¬†#aplec¬†de¬†#agriculturaurbana¬†en Barcelona el 28 de octubre. He hablado de un nuevo curso que queremos ofrecer para crear v√≠nculos entre lo rural y lo urbano: algunos d√≠as haciendo ecolog√≠a profunda y dise√Īo de permacultura en puro naturaleza en Boodaville, y luego unos d√≠as aplicando estas ideas en la ciudad y conociendo a proyectos urbanos. Tambi√©n he o√≠do de proyectos muy interesante como¬†TarpunaCoop,¬†Jardins D’Emma de Barcelona¬†Educahorts Educaci√≥ Ambiental¬†Para m√°s info de eventos y actividades y para compartir tu evento ven al grupo de¬†Permacultura Barcelona¬†¬†

Grupo de fb : PB Eventos / communidad

Boodaville participated in the Aplec meeting about Urban Agriculture on the 28th October. I spoke about a new course we want to offer which creates links between rural and urban lifestyles Рit will be a few days at Boodaville learning about deep ecology and permaculture design in a completely natural setting, then a few days in they city looking at how to apply these ideas in a urban context and visiting urban permaculture projects. We heard from some great urban projects at the Aplec, and if you want to see what is happening in Barcelona, or to publicise your eco event, join our facebook group PB ventos/communidad. 


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Living Permaculture Course 8 – 15 July

(en castellano abajo)

This was a really amazing week!! Thanks so much to everyone who came and enjoyed so much learning and doing with us. Especially to Marc Haetjens who was an excellent teacher and gave everyone the chance to use tools, work on the projects, and ask questions about anything and everything permaculture related, and to Zac who looked after people and kept the momentum going.

We worked on three main projects :

  1. Greywater mulch basin – We dug and mulched a 2m diameter mulch basin (to be pronounced for ever more in the french way¬†(ňąbe…™s…ôn¬†)¬†ūüėČ ) A large fig tree will be planted in September because it is a species that especially enjoys greywater (from the kitchen sink – cooking and some washing up water), provides food, suitable for the climate, and offers shade. The water runs directly onto the straw mulch which works as a filter for the soap and food particles so they don’t enter the soil – the method is described in detail by Art Ludwig.¬†

I’ll post again soon with details of the other projects… 2. the tippee (or tractor) toilet, and 3. the za√Įs, which are both designed to regenerate the soil and create excellent conditions for fruit trees, squash plants, bushes and other edible perennials….

¡¡We are now booking for our next course Рtwo weeks,  7 Р21 April 2018! Read info here!!




Fue una semana increíble!! Gracias a todos que vinieron para disfrutar tanto el programa de aprender por hacer. Especialmente queremos dar gracias a Marc Haetjens, un profesor excelente y ha dado a todos la oportunidad de usar las herramientas, trabajar en los proyectos, y preguntar cualquier cosa de permacultura y el mundo, y a Zac que ha cuidado bien a los participantes y asegurar seguimiento del horario.

Hemos trabajdo en tres proyectos :

  1. Basin acolchada para aguas grises – Excavamos y pusimos acolchado en un basin (palabra franc√©s¬†¬†(ňąbe…™s…ôn¬†)¬†;)). Plantaremos una higuera grande en septiembre porque es una variedad que le gusta aguas grises (de la cocina – agua de cocinar y parte del agua de lavar platos), tambi√©n nos da comida, es apto para el clima y nos da sombra. El agua va directo encima de la acolchada de paja que funciona para filtrar jab√≥n y part√≠culos de comida para que no entren en el suelo – el met√≥do esta bien explicado por¬†Art Ludwig.¬†

Pronto escribir√© otra vez con detalles de los otros dos proyectos 2. el v√°ter tippee (o tractor) y 3. los “za√Įs” estas dos t√©cnicas est√°n dise√Īadas para regenerar el suelo y crear condiciones excelentes para √°rboles frutales, calabazas, arbusotos y otros preniales comestibles…

¡¡Reserva tu plaza ahora para el próximo curso 7 Р21 de abril 2018! mas info aquí!!! 

Some comments from participants on our last course!

“I had an amazing time with you guys and really enjoyed learning something more about permaculture. Thank you Mark for making this so relaxed and interesting. Thank you Ana for making all of this happen and giving us the oportunity to learn.” Eli

“I want to thank everyone for such an amazing week!! I had an amazing time and I really feel that I’ve learnt a lot and left with loads of new ideas to think about and investigate.” Debora

“I miss you all!!! Jejeje it has been a plesure sharing this week of learning, desconecting from daily rutines and meeting such as especial people as you all.” Dorleta

Applying the permaculture design on site..

Some updates from June 2017!

It’s pretty hot down on site these days, as I’m sure you can imagine! But the garden is still doing surprisingly well. We are watering it, until the 1000l of rainwater we have runs out… then the trees will have to look after themselves. We have a few volunteers during June then in July will be busy with a retreat weekend, a permaculture course for adults, and a permaculture camp for children… and lots of river time!!

Actualizaciones de Junio 2017!

Hace mucho calor ahora! El jard√≠n abajo va muy bien aunque solo queda 1000l de agua de lluvia para regar las plantas peque√Īas (calabaza, perejil, favas). Cuando se acaba el agua, no vamos a regar mas por que es un trabajo de agricultura regenerativa, no es un huerto para nuestra comida (el huerto de verdad va a estar mucho mas cerca de la cocina!). Hay pocos voluntarios este mes y esta muy tranquilo, pero en julio tenemos un retiro, y despu√©s un curso de permacultura para adultos, y una acampada de permacultura para familias… y vamos a estar mucho rato en el r√≠o!!

Calendar of events in July // Calendario de eventos en Julio

Boodaville Festival 2017 – Fotos and comments!!


Still glowing a bit with gratitude for a very very nice weekend. Thank you all for sharing energy, workshops, laughs, bigger and smaller conversations, dancing, small moments, a smile, a hug, and everything else.. And of course Anna Boodaville for hosting and sharing this amazing place with us.

Dust has now settled on one of the best Boodavilles ever. Terrific weekend and an absolute pleasure serving drinks to such a lovely and thirsty bunch of people.

Todav√≠a no he aterrizado… me siento super afortunada de haber vivido esta increible experiencia con tod@s vosotr@s… beautiful people ūüĆľūüĆą.

ūüĆīThanks to all of u for this very special weekend full of good vibes and good people..hard to come back to reality today..

Wow, it was really wonderful to meet all you beautiful people! Me and Hero (my van) had a blast!

Moltes gracies tothom!!!! Thank you guys so much for this beautiful weekend…(I only have two pictures) all other memories are in my heart!! Please stay in touch

All I can say is T h a n k y o u all. I’m feeling superhuman after the beautiful Boodaville nature and all your incredible energy. Until we meet again!! ūü¶č

Viviendo la permacultura en familia! // Living permaculture with the family!

(in English below)

Viviendo la permacultura en familia en Boodaville!

22 – 29 julio 2017



Nuestro programa ‚ÄúViviendo la Permacultura en familia‚ÄĚ en Boodaville es una semana con un experto de permacultura / bioconstruccci√≥n, un facilitador de educaci√≥n libre para ni√Īos, y una oportunidad de hacer pr√°cticas y aprender experimentando. Ofrecemos talleres tanto para adultos como ni√Īos, cenas bajo las estrellas, tardes libres en el r√≠o, y pr√°cticas trabajando en un proyecto real. 2 facilitadores con conocimientos de permacultura y educaci√≥n libre estar√°n en Boodaville toda la semana. Las tardes est√°n libres para organizar actividades juntos, relajarnos, o ba√Īarnos en el r√≠o.

El programa está perfecto para adultos que quieran venir con sus hijos a un proyecto comunitario, en pura naturaleza y pasarlo bien, mientras todos aprendemos por experiencia como vivr de manera ética y ecológica.

‚ā¨120 por persona incluye toda la comida, bebida y alojamiento en el camping (av√≠same si necesitas una tienda) y los gastos de invitar a 2 facilitadores y 1 organizador. El curso es sin √°nimo de lucro, los objetivos son compartir conocimientos y adquirir experiencia.¬†¬†Los trabajos pr√°cticos realizados est√°n dirigidos hacia los objetivos espec√≠ficos del proyecto.

ver detalles del alojamiento aquí.

CONTACTO Y RESERVAS : Anna Gurney ‚Äď thegurney@gmail.com


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Our “Living Permaculture with the family” program at Boodaville is a week with an expert in permaculture / eco-building, a facilitator to run children’s activities and an opportunity to do practical work and learn by doing. We offer workshops for children and adults, dinners under the stars, free afternoons at the river and experience working in a real project. Two bilingual facilitators with knowledge of permaculture and alternative education will be at Boodaville during the whole week. The afternoons are free for us to organise activities together, to relax or to swim in the river.

The program is perfect for adults who want to bring their children to a community project, in completely natural surroundings, and enjoy themselves while they learn by experience how to live in an ethical and ecological way.

The price of ‚ā¨120 per person includes all food drink, the campsite (speak to us if you need to borrow camping gear) and the costs of hosting two learning facilitators and the site organiser. No profit is made from the course, the objective is to share knowledge and gain experience.¬†All work done on these programs is towards a specific goal of the The Boodaville Project.

See details about the accommodation here.


CONTACT AND RESERVATIONS : Anna Gurney ‚Äď thegurney@gmail.com

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Regenerative Agriculture at Boodaville

Agricultura regenerativa at Boodaville!

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Boodaville Festival!

boodaville poster 2017_B2

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