Permaculture Workcamp / Practicas de Permacultura

21 05 2015

You probably know about the festival already, but do you know about our workcamp at Boodaville? A week with permaculture expert Alessandro Ardovini, and a chance to really get your hands dirty and get some permaculture experience!

otros eventos! no solo hacemos el festival.. en junio 20 a 27 tenemos un campo de trabajo para seguir realizando el diseño de permacultura en el sitio. viene el experto de permacultura Alessandro Ardovini y ofrecemos talleres, cenas debajo de las estrellas, tardes libres en el río, y prácticas trabajando en un proyecto real – regeneración de la tierra, captación del agua, y uso de caminos. 

Info here : Info en castellano aqui

ver el video del úlitmo campamento aqui:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 15.03.02

finishing the roof and some permanent path planning…

5 05 2015

20150503_195744 20150503_200259 20150503_195719

permanent paths are part of the long-term permaculture design. i’ve been working with Alessandro Ardovini to start the design for the site, and one of the first things to do is stop any further compacting of the soil by visitors walking all over.

the volunteers on site have done a brilliant job with this, and the rocks marking the paths also work as a great deterrent to stop cars driving on the terraces. the curved lines are part of the permaculture style, imitating natural forms and creating longer edges.. principle no. 11 “Use edges and value the marginal” The interface between things is where the most interesting events take place. These are often the most valuable, diverse and productive elements in the system.

as well as paths the team on site have filled up the earth on the green roof to 50cm deep, fixed the roof, tidied up all the wood and junk in the cave, cleaned up and organised the kitchen and fixed up the bathroom, and cooked delicious vegan food for everyone. Thank you so much to Oceanne, Mireia, Diego, Carolin, Natalie and Niels.

photos from the volunteer weekend..

27 04 2015

Thank you so much to Oceanne, Vanessa, Héctor, Mireia, Mike, Diego and Carolin for an incredible amount of work done this weekend, you guys ROCK!

Winter vs the Yurt – Round 4

20 04 2015

new house april 2015

Boodaville is looking great! We made our first visit of the year this weekend with family and friends and the high rainfall has definitely not done any (permanent) harm to the site. The building site at the new house has been completely overgrown and resembles the house of my dreams (but let’s remember that the roof, floor and doors are not finished yet).

The yurt and the old house suffered the same fate as last winter with bits of the roof being ripped off, but at least this year we weren’t robbed.

The permaculture design has been taken forward brilliantly by Oceanne and Yoann during their stay in February. There are new, beautiful steps down to the terrace with the shower “cave” and it is now possible to walk directly up to the house from the lower terraces – the idea is to create a circular route around the site. This path needs more work, and steps, but it’s on the way.

On Saturday we met Mike, who moved to the area 7 months ago and is constructing a raw food restaurant. He introduced us to the idea of “Superfood” and made us all a detoxifying energising smoothie while explaining the different ingredients and their health benefits. Mike actually lives on these shakes – he provides his body with exactly what it needs, and nothing more. Afterwards talking about it we made comparisons between the way you try to run a machine on the most efficient full possible, and this idea of putting only the very best nutrients into your body (and no poison like sugar, alcohol and pretty much all food). Is this permacultural? I’m not really sure.

Most people use these shakes to supplement their diet and keep a range of health problems at bay. Look out for Mike at the festival, he will be around all weekend making shakes and offering health consultations.

A most depressing meditation.. 

Meditation is a much broader habit than the chanting, eyes closed version we often imagine. Many of the things we do; a walk, colouring in for adults (this is the new London craze right?) even “having a sit down” are important moments of calm in our days, with many of the benefits of meditation. At the festival we are running a workshop on Mandala, which is another of these techniques, combining creativity and patterns to guide our thoughts away and to switch off for a while.

Sadly, on Sunday sitting behind the yurt, I found myself doing an activity which could be considered meditative, but that actually only serves to guide your thoughts to the depressing reality of plastic pollution. Did you know that plastic never biodegrades, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces? So when you leave a tarpaulin over a sand pile, in an attempt to “save your sand” from the wind and 6 months later find that half of the cover has gone, you know that the tiny plastic ribbons it has disintegrated into are now littered around an otherwise unpolluted valley.

The task I quietly undertook while chastising myself for allowing this to happen, was picking the tiny blue ribbons out of the grass bit by bit. On one hand knowing that every piece I pick out means less traces of plastic in the soil, and on the other hand wondering how many people in the world have left tarpaulins to completely disintegrate. The plastic which I saw as a solution to what was essentially a financial problem (I paid for the sand and didn’t want to lose it) has caused pollution, wasted my time in trying to clear that pollution up, and didn’t even really work as for most of the last six months since the sand was mostly open to the air.

In the future I will think more, everyone needs to think more, about whether the solution is really a solution…

Does it make the situation any better to see a photo of birds recycling this plastic waste and using it to make their nests? Not really. Mike took that exact picture in the Matarranya, a place cited as being less densely populated than the Sahara desert. Here’s one I found on the internet

In May we are offering a Restorative Weekend Retreat

15 04 2015

29th – 31st May 2015


Recharge and detox with a weekend in the stunning Vall Rovira, Matarranya, Spain.

This all-inclusive package offers a completely stress free weekend in a tranquil natural setting with healthy organic meals cooked for you in our outdoor kitchen. You can choose from a range of sessions including yoga, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, sketching, sustainable living and life coaching. Or you can simply read in a hammock, dip in the clear water of the River Algars, and observe the wildlife.

more info here…

Retiro de fin de semana regenerativo 29th – 31st May 2015

Recarga y detox con un fin de semana en la maravillosa Vall Rovira, Matarranya, España.

Este paquete todo incuído ofrece un completo fin de semana libre de estrés en un tranquilo paraje natural con saludables comidas orgánicas preparada para ti en nuestra cocina exterior. Puedes elegir entre una serie de sesiones como yoga, técnicas de relajación, Mindfulness, sketching, vida sostenible y life coaching. O simplemente tumbarte a leer en una hamaca, sumergirte en las aguas claras del río Algars y observar la vida pasar.

más info aqui…

What can Boodaville do for you this year?

7 04 2015

Me gustaría…..

2014-12-13 12.52.55

Agenda Spring 2015

25 03 2015

If you are interested in these 2015 events please get in touch for the latest information on dates and availability

April 24 – 26: Volunteer weekend 

Lets get the earth on the green roof!! We can put the earth up in the corner with a tractor, but need many people to spread it evenly over the whole roof. (Exchange = kitchen stocked with food and drink for the weekend, first 2 people to confirm get free transport). Vamos a tirar tierra para acabar con el techo verde. En cambio por trabajo hay comida y bebida en la cocina, y las primeras 2 a confirmar tienen transporte gratis también.

May 1 – 4: Riberola Festival

Riberola is an off-grid eco festival in the wild mountains of Terra Alta, Southern Catalonia. The festival is half an hour drive from Boodaville. Festival de música y talleres “eco” a media hora de Boodaville

May 2015: Workcamp – Radiant Floor

A program including one full day of workshops. The objective is to use bio-construction techniques to install underfloor pipes and put in the floor. Leader of workshops/working days – Chris Fraser

May 29 – 3: Restorative Weekend Retreat

Recharge and detox with a weekend away. Optional sessions include yoga, relaxation techniques, coaching and more…

June 5 – 7: Volunteer weekend

Exchange = kitchen stocked with food and drink for the weekend, first 2 people to confirm get free transport. En cambio por trabajo hay comida y bebida en la cocina, y las primeras 2 a confirmar tienen transporte gratis también.

June 12 – 14: Boodaville Festival 

3 awe-inspiring days dancing, playing, singing, learning, laughing and celebrating the achievements so far of the Boodaville Project. 3 días de inspiración bailando, jugando, aprendiendo, riendo y celebrando los logros del Proyecto de Boodaville.

June 20 – 27: Workcamp – Permaculture Design

A program including one full day of workshops on permaculture design. The objective is to implement parts of the Boodaville design. Leader of workshops/working days – Alessandro Ardovini

Long term volunteers: 

Wwoofers are welcome on site (nº 892) and we are also looking for past volunteers and visitors to be on site to host them. Invitamos a Wwoofers durante estos meses (nº 892) y también buscamos a gente que han venido antes para cuidar a los wwoofers nuevos.



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