What a wonderful weekend! / Un fin de semana maravilloso!

28 07 2015


Wow! The retreat was amazing!! I’m feeling restored and recharged, and had loads of time to enjoy it.. even though I organised and cooked.

After moonlight meditation, outdoor yoga and mindful games, it was an experience of total relaxation floating in the river watching ripples and reflections, dragonflies and birds. The water was so clear you could drift around with your nose touching the surface observing the fish and rocks beneath you.

All I can say is thank you to  Vikram our yoga teacher and much much more! And to the brilliant people who participated Ferran, Montse, Marc, Eva, Bernat, Zoe.

Hasta la próxima!!

Photos and comments from Boodaville Festival 2015!!

19 07 2015

click the picture!  haz clic en la foto!10003870_10153052646994037_4555387751597855493_o“Batteries refilled, beautiful food, beautiful people, beautiful piece of nature. Keep on dreaming and rocking!”

our latest newsletter..

14 07 2015

(en castellano abajo)

Hello everyone, and thank you to all of you who made it our best ever Boodaville Festival!

How is the heatwave treating you? We are managing just fine at Boodaville now that we have the green roof on the house – in fact having no doors yet gives us a nice breeze, and the unfinished floor is gravel which gives Kira something to play with while we siesta in the shade.


The true luxury of Boodaville is the absolute immersion in nature. Our beautiful valley is uninhabited by humans. Escaping here for a weekend is a complete rest and a chance to take time for yourself and indulge in real food, feeling good, breathing deeply and recharging with positive energy. For this reason we are organising a retreat featuring optional sessions such as yoga, sketching, mindfulness and meditation.

We hope to offer this type of event regularly and our first event from 24th -26th July is priced at only €120 all-inclusive. Booking and more information can be found on the blog.

Permaculture Design

Alessandro Ardovini shared an incredible amount of information last weekend when he came to visit and help out with the long term design. We talked in detail about water catchment, soil regeneration and ways to avoid erosion. As usual I am left overwhelmed by the amount of work, but mostly inspired and excited to see what can be done if we plan properly, design well and use resources efficiently. Keep reading these mails to find out about workcamps where you can get involved!

If you would like more regular updates please keep up with the blog and the facebook page!

Enjoy the summer,



Hola a todos y muchas gracias a toda la gente que vinieron para disfrutar el Boodaville Festival! 

Como vais en la ola de calor? Nosotros estamos muy bien en Boodaville ahora que tenemos acabado el techo verde. Es verdad que todavía no hay puertas ni suelo, pero pasa aire que nos refresca y Kira le encanta jugar con la grava que tenemos allí! 


El lujo real que tenemos en Boodaville es la imersión total en la naturaleza. En nuestro valle precioso no vive ningún otro ser humano y una escapada hasta aqui es una oportunidad de descansar, cuidar a ti mismo y disfrutar de comida real, sentirse bien, respirar profundamente y absorbar energía positiva. Por este motivo estamos organizando un retiro con sesiones opcionales como yoga, dibujo, mindfulness y meditación. Esperemos ofrecer eventos de este tipo con regularidad y nuestro primero evento de 24 a 26 de julio tienen un precio de solo €120 todo-incluido. Información y reservas a traves del blog

Permaculture Design 

Alessandro Ardovini ha compartido mucho información práctica el fin de semana pasada cuando vino para ayudar con el diseño de largo plazo. Hablamos en detalle sobre captación de agual, regeneración de la tierra y métodos de evitar erosión. Como siempre me deja sobrecargado con trabajo, pero con inspiración y mucho ilusión para realizar un plan bien hecho, con diseño correcto y un uso de recursos eficiente. Haz te caso de estos mail si quieres saber más sobre los campos de trabajo en que puedas involucrarte! 

Para tener noticias del proyecto con mas regularidad seguir el  blog y nuestro página de facebook!

Disfrutar el verano!



Anna Gurney

The Boodaville Project

Vall Rovira,





#permaculture design at boodaville

30 06 2015
Alessandro Ardovini

Alessandro Ardovini

This weekend we invited permaculture teacher Alessandro Ardovini (twitter: @O_Romano_) to spend the weekend working on the long term design for the site.

Firstly what we really need is a proper map of the site, with tracing paper layers for planned structures, water, paths, food production. I can imagine this map.. but really must get off the computer, pick up some coloured pens and actually draw it. As Alessandro rightly says.. the point of a map is that it is much easier to change something on the map than it is to change it in real life.

We started our site tour on the roof of the house and the importance of design became apparent when I realised that my vague ideas about the “greenness” of the roof don’t make sense. On any piece of ground you can either have plants growing in healthy soil OR have singing dancing workshops. You can’t have both. After a lengthy discussion between Alessandro, Esti, Bernat and myself, we agreed that the design (for now) will be plants in the corners and edges where the dancers don’t get to and a gravel (or woodchip?) area in the middle for shady morning yoga/singing/tea drinking sessions.


Dealing with water overflow from the storms is important, the torrent from an overflowing tank could be really damaging

Next we talked about water, ranging from general ideas to very specific plans for areas where Alessandro noticed heavy erosion. Water is always moving – it is trying to get to the sea. And when it gets there it carries on moving. So when thinking about digging swales and controlling the flow of water you need to think about where it can and can’t move, as well as the pressure build up in places you are trying to hold it.

when will it turn from brown to green...

The dip between house and hill has the drainage system underneath.

Again we started on the roof, and as always for any step on the long long path to a permaculture paradise, all i could see was work. Some of the earth that we have shifted to re-bury the house after the build (the house is partly IN the hillside) will need to be moved again, to allow for quick drainage into the system we have constructed between the hillside and the wall. More earth needs to be moved to fill in the area around the sides of the house, and this will need to be shaped to bring water into the drain. The next experiment involves waiting for a storm to see how much water actually comes out of that drainage system. In theory it is all the runoff from the side of the hill, and the roof. It must be, because that water has to go somewhere…. but I can’t quite believe it yet!

“Slow, sink and spread” thats what we have to do with the water

The specific plans include planting Santolina, or simple the native Rosemary and Thyme in sections where the bare earth is being eroded. The roots of these plants are the key element to holding the soil together, and when there is a storm more water is absorbed if there is more ground covering of plants. And a permaculture project will always need swales! These are a key element of Permaculture Design and we designed one above the steps to the upper toilet, and two that can be built around the new bathroom. (we don’t want that falling off the side of the rock. or maybe we do.. sadly the toilet is out of use because of… yes, a design fault!)

Fotos from the Festival!

29 06 2015


Pero están en *ahem* otro página – hay un post con unos de las mejores fotos si bajas un poco

But the photos are on *ahem* another webpage – there’s a post with the best photos a little way down the page.

Next event…

28 06 2015

weekend retreat flyer ENG2426 july

Permaculture your life

18 06 2015


Thank you Prithika for writing about the festival… and sharing the first of what I hope will be many photos!

Originally posted on Fleas and dogs in Barcelona:

There comes a moment in every person’s life, when you stop and wonder what went wrong. You’re wading through a flooded road, muddy water swirling around your calves. Wild grass taller than your head hedges you in on both sides deepening the evening hush in the valley. River water is drying in your hair under the pirate band. Your skirt is tucked into your panties and your water pistol is loaded and ready.

You wonder what went wrong for pirating to become just a once in a blue moon occurrence in your life? It takes a festival like Boodaville to make you think about this and other important life questions.

Started as an annual celebration of the Boodaville permaculture project, Boodaville festival has been running for five years now. Last weekend, around 70 people from all over Europe, the Americas (and one from Asia) gathered to unwind and have fun. Events you could take part in included body painting…

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