Boodaville this year..

14 12 2016

Hello to you all and a happy holiday season. This is Boodaville – the long read! 2016 has been massive for us, with hundreds of volunteers and visitors passing though and some big infrastructure additions including our geodesic dome. Here’s a summary of all that’s been going on.

One reason we could leap so far forward this year – running more courses than ever, building two big new structures and hosting volunteers continually from April to October is that we found a long-term volunteer who wanted to live on site for six months straight. He was given use of the car and a mobile phone, many instructions by me, and was there to keep things running. For the first year ever we didn’t have to unpack then pack up everything for each short visit. I thank OJ (Ondrej) very much for the time he has offered the project this year, it has been a positive experience for both of us with a ton of learning on all sides. I expect him back in April 2017 and we are looking for one or two more long-term volunteers to stay on site all season.

In 2016 we completed the registration process to become an association and can now

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Permablitz and party..

3 12 2016


Our last event of the year was a permablitz implementing Natural Farming methods with Kate Curtis and an awesome party in the dome afterwards. Our best event yet! Helen wrote a blog post about it here .

El último evento del año fue un “permablitz” trabajando en técnicas de agricultura natural y regenerativa y una fiesta genial en el domo. El mejor evento hasta ahora!!! Hay una entrada en el blog Living in the Future (en inglés) escrito por Helen Iles

All the photos from the dome building course…

3 12 2016

Build Your Future  –  Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Boodaville 26th August – 4th September 2016


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#permacultura #bioconstrucción #communidad #sostenible #ecoaldea #naturaleza #cursos #talleres

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More events and volunteering opportunities starting in April 2017!

18 11 2016

So here I am writing the annual report, doing the accounts, preparing a detailed prospectus with information for potential eco-community members, thinking about the new website, and some fundraising winter activities…

Lots of work on the computer, lots of staying inside, and hopefully a lovely winter gathering in Barcelona at some point.

Feel free to contact me for the following

  • Long term volunteering from April 2017
  • Internships in social media / marketing / web design
  • Info on how to become 25% of Boodaville in the future
  • Organise a fundraiser in Barcelona this winter (payment available)
  • Ideas for courses / collaborations for the 2017 calendar.

End of season Permablitz Party

5 10 2016



(en castellano abajo)

We’ve had an incredible year at Boodaville and achieved so much – geodesic dome!, festival, kitchen roof, successful funding application, became an association, regenerative farming, hundreds of participants and volunteers. This is absolutely the longest year of my life and we are going to end the 2016 season with a BANG. So join us on the 29th October for an amazing get together to plant trees, spread seeds and dance under the stars.

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Practical course with Oriol Ferrando

20 09 2016

Days 1, 2 and 3! See detail of the permaculture work in the gallery! Hay detalle del trabajo en la galería!



“Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange

5 09 2016

We built a dome!! An amazing 9 day Erasmus+ program, working with a fantastic team and a wonderful group of young, and not so young participants. Thank you so much to Jordi Cavaller Badia, Chuchi, Carlos, Bernat, OJ, Alberto and Kate for making this happen and to all the participants for their energy, positivity, ability to adapt to basic living and very hot conditions (41º on 2 days, but don’t get me started talking about climate change) and their openness and great collaboration.

Guest writer – Claudia, one of our participants from Portugal has written about her experience:

Hey this is Cláudia (pt) from Boodaville Summer 2016. We are in our last day before departure, trying to make everything beautiful for our final presentation with some guests here in our place.

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