Boodaville Bonds vs banks making profit out of money they’ve created

17 11 2015

This post is to say a huge thank you to one of my Boodaville Bonds investors who has reinvested the first repayment of €250. After consideration of what this could be used for the best option is to take the cash to the bank and pay down part of the loan I took out. (I didn’t get enough investors to cover the full amount needed!) By paying down the loan I am paying less interest to a financial system I don’t want to support and spending (slightly) more of it on moving forward with Boodaville. Here’s some more about why I believe in alternative finance:

As some of you may know I recently completed the online masters level MOOC “Money and Society” with IFLAS The Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. Jem Bendall, one of the professors on the course, criticises our money system and talks about alternatives in this TED video. Matt Slater, the other professor on the course is a nomad who helps and consults on setting up alternative currencies (as well as geeky stuff like coding software for running alternative currencies)

I was already committed to looking for alternatives to the system before the course because permaculture includes applying the basic ethics of caring for people and planet to different domains of our lives and Finances and economy is one of these domains. Some of the suggested ideas are alternative currencies, ethical investments, local markets and sharing when we have surplus. This is what I wrote when I launched the Boodaville Bonds  in 2014.

The course has served only to reinforce my commitment to look for alternative ways of funding as much as possible.

a week in Mallorca with Rosemary Morrow

28 10 2015

Acabo de aterrizarme después de una semana en Mallorca en Son Barrina haciendo un curso “Permaculture Teaching Matters” con Rosemary Morrow, una persona inspiradora, con 72 años que esta 100% dedicada a compartir sus conocimientos.

At 72 years old Rosemary is a truly inspirational person, absolutely dedicated to sharing her immense knowledge of permaculture (eg developing resilience to disasters, up to date techniques on capturing energy, facts and figures to leave you in awe about our planet’s water resources) and her wisdom from many many years of teaching. The other two excellent facilitators on the course were Alfred Decker (Permamed) and Patricia Pereira (Valedalama). Alfred was brilliant as always, particularly skilled at sock puppetry (a teaching technique to discuss serious topics in a lighter way), being hilarious, and throwing in anecdotes from his own experiences as an environmental activist and it was a real pleasure to meet Patricia and share ideas about education and working with young people. In fact we were living the reality of mixed age classes on this course because we had some teenagers in the group learning with the rest of the adult group. I had great fun working with them on our group task – we planned and presented an idea for a full permaculture course (PDC) based around a survival camp, and frankly, our idea and presentation kicked ass :)

It is a challenge now to see how this idea can be made into a reality, where teenagers are learning what’s really important in the world, experimenting with fundamental issues like water, food production, energy and building, looking for features of sustainable efficient ways of living, and all the time thinking about how they can go on to share their knowledge. A lovely phrase from the course is the “each one teach one” philosophy where anyone who feels passionate about what they are learning is encouraged to go out and share. And as we all know… the very best way to consolidate your knowledge of a topic is to teach it!

Read more about the course; the highlights, great quotes, and what I learnt on this page.

Leer más aqui del curso y los puntos claves.



Photos and comments from the workcamp

17 10 2015

hacer clic para ver todas las fotos / Click to see all the pictures


“Just got back from the best trip EVER ! Spend a week in nature doing permaculture projects in Calaceite ….. I had a FANTASTIC time !!! ….. Working and living in close contact with nature is the BEST !!!…… Met LOVELY people ….. Gonna go on doing woofing next as i really loved this experiance and have TONS to learn about ….. NEW DOOR OPENING ! ……. WHOOP WHOOP !!!” Lauren

Our first ever workcamp finished the 10th of October 2015 after one full day of workshops and five days of working. I am so impressed by the really productive work that went on and want to give massive thanks to our participants Austin, Lauren, Sara, Helen and Carolina, to the organiser Ondrej and to our brilliant facilitator for the week, Alessandro Ardovini.

The gallery shows the work that was done including building swales, decompacting soil, finishing the green roof, transplanting trees, rebuilding the steps to stop erosion and more!

Just after the course finished some visitors/volunteers arrived for the weekend so we could finish the roof and plant some leguminous plants to see how they fare – whatever happens to them in the poor quality soil we currently have, they will work towards fixing nitrogen, further decompacting the soil and with the seeds and the mulch we are adding organic matter. Thank you to Nanook, Fili, Camille, Macho and Carlos for supporting the project and helping out.

Workamp Day 1 – theory done! and the work starts on Day 2

6 10 2015

Hemos hecho la parte teórica y mañana empieza la parte práctica!

Alessandro leading an Introduction to Permaculture session on Day 1 (see the permaculture flower there on the table?)

Alessandro leading an Introduction to Permaculture session on Day 1 (see the permaculture flower there on the table?)

Sunset after a day of sharing experiences, ideas and theories.

Sunset after a day of sharing experiences, ideas and theories.

Getting ready for our week of learning and doing!

29 09 2015

Estamos preparandonos para nuestra semana de aprender y hacer!

Here are some faces that you will recognise on site this week –

Alessandro Ardovini Alessandro is facilitating sessions and work and sharing ideas and techniques to.. well, turn bare earth into fertile land. (that’s the overall aim of the work we are doing!)

11949553_1038592592828341_909772870328742242_n Ondřej (sounds like Andre) on the right, is organising the site, making sure you’re all on time and eating well. And Anna, in the blue t-shirt, well i’ll be pulling the whole thing together and being a mum.

We’ve got the campsite ready, are putting a wood-burning stove in the new house, preparing some documentaries to have available for evening entertainment and checking the connections on the solar electricity system. If you’d like to join us there are still places available – more info here, please get in touch with Anna

Tenemos el camping preparado, una estufa de leña para la nueva casita, estoy buscando documentales por si a caso queremos verlos alguna noche y estoy trabajando en las conexiones del sistema solar. Ondřej (decimos algo como Andre!) viene para organizar y asegurar que comemos bien, y Alessandro para facilitar las sesiones y el trabajo. Si te gustaria venir todavía tenemos plazas – hay mas info aqui, y me puedes contactar – Anna

Boodaville Newsletter: The big questions // Las grandes cuestiones

9 09 2015

(en castellano abajo)
It’s been an interesting couple of months for The Boodaville Project. We’ve had a very successful Restorative Retreat Weekendand I’m really pleased to see my pre-pregnancy energy levels return (thanks mainly to the wonderful sleeping skills of Kira!), but on the other hand I’ve had a “back to the beginning” feeling as I’ve learnt more about permaculture, and realised that building a house on the land is not the only important thing…. I need to be designing the land itself and thinking about water retention, paths and the use of different spaces. There have been some difficult conversations with Alessandro Ardovini, who is working on the design, about the future of the project. Here are the answers to those questions…


Why am I doing Boodaville?

The aim of the project is to inspire people to live in a sustainable way and to share skills and ideas that make this possible. I want our grandchildren to live in a better world than us, and the way things are going at the moment that won’t be possible.
In line with this idea of sharing skills, 2016 will be the year of the workcamp! Instead of simply paying a professional in euros to come and do work at Boodaville, I use my time, effort and networks to share the process by bringing people along to learn and get practical experience. The cost to come along to a workcamp covers the expenses to make it happen and nothing more, and if things go well I can host up to 150 people in the next 12 months! Our first workcamp is Applied Permaculture Design with Alessandro, 3-10th October and we will focus on soil regeneration and creating paths. 

What is the future for Boodaville?

While we work the land, continue with the bio-construction and implement water collection on a larger scale we are looking for people who would like to live at Boodaville as a small community, probably starting in Spring 2018. The project will be split into four, with a family, or couple, or individual each taking on a quarter share in the project. Most of these people will live at Boodaville full time, but anyone who doesn’t will be there at least 3 months of the year and be seriously committed to taking the project forward. There will be a small group of long-term volunteers in addition to the permanent residents, and the members of the community (who must share the aims of the project) will collaborate to host regular courses and events to ensure the project is economically sustainable.
Here’s to the future!
Thank you all for your continued support of the project, and I hope to see you at Boodaville soon.

new house april 2015

Hemos pasado unos meses interesantes en The Boodaville Project. Realizamos con éxito el Fin de semana de retiro restorativo y estoy muy feliz con la energía que tengo para seguir con el proyecto (más que nada gracias a Kira que tiene gran capacidad para dormir!), pero por otro lado he tenido la sensación de “volver al principio” porque con más conocimientos de la permacultura veo que construir los edificios no es el único elemento importante … tengo que diseñar la tierra – la capacidad de absorver agua de la lluvia, los caminos y el uso del suelo en zonas diferentes. He tenido unas conversaciones difíciles con Alessandro Ardovini, que trabaja en el diseño, sobre el futuro del proyecto. Aquí tenéis las repuestas a estas preguntas… 
¿Porque hago Boodaville?

El objectivo del proyecto es dar inspiración para que la gente viva de manera sostenible y para compartir aptitudes y ideas que hacerlo posible. Quiero que nuestros nietxs vivan en un mundo mejor que el que tenemos nosotros ahora, pero tal como va el mundo en estos momentos no es posible.
Alineada con estos ideas de compartir aptitudes, 2016 será el año del “campo de trabajo”! En lugar de pagar en euros para que venga cualquier profesional a trabajar en Boodaville, gasto mi tiempo y energía para crear redes en traer gente a Boodaville para compartir en la experiencia. El precio todo incluido del campo de trabajo cubre los gastos para realizar el cursillo y nada más y si las cosas van bien haya capacidad de alojar hasta 150 personas en campos de trabajo durante los próximos 12 meses. Nuestro primer campo de trabajo es Applicación de un Diseño Permacultural con Alessandro, 3-10 Octubre y vamos a enfocarnos en la regeneración del suelo y la creación de caminos. Para reservar plaza o para cualquiera duda, simplemente contesta este mail antes del viernes.
¿Cúal es el futuro para Boodaville?

Mientras trabajamos la tierra, seguimos con la bioconstrucción y construyendo sistemas más grandes de captación del agua, estamos buscando a gente a quien le interesa vivir en Boodaville en una comunidad pequeña, probablemente a partir de primavera de 2018. El proyecto estará dividido entre cuatro personas (pero “persona” puede ser una familia, o una pareja también)  y cada persona se encarga de una cuarta parte del proyecto. La mayoría de estas personas vivirán en Boodaville durante todo el año, pero cualquiera de las cuatro que no viva allí adquirirá el compromiso de vivir allí durante al menos 3 meses al año y tendrá motivación fuerte para avanzar con el proyecto. Además de la comunidad fijo habrá un grupo pequeño de voluntarios de largo duración, y todxs los miembros de la comunidad (que tienen que compartir una visión compartida del proyecto) van a colaborar para realizar con regularidad cursos y eventos para sostener el proyecto a nivel económico.
Here’s to the future!
Gracias a todxs para el apoyo, y ojalá que nos veamos pronto en Boodaville,

Encuentro RIE y la Convergencia Española de Permacultura (CEP)

2 09 2015

Acabo de volver de unos días inspiradores en Navarra en un encuentro de unos 400 personas que quieren vivir de manera realmente sostenible y en comunidad. Entre otras cosas he asistido a charlas sobre la Agricultura Regenerativa, la linea clave, bio-fertilizantes (con Iraun Permakultura). He conocido a gente estupendo el encuentro de la CEP fue un éxito total!

The meeting of the Iberian Network of Eco-Communities (RIE) took place in Navarra last weekend and it was incredible, inspiring and offered so many different opportunities to learn about how to create and live in a truly sustainable community. The Spanish Permaculture Convergence was taking place alongside the RIE event and was also a great success. I am flipping out about the Regenerative Agriculture techniques that were shared in the Permaculture sessions and very very excited to get on with the site design and do some practical work on this with Alessandro Ardovini during our October workcamp – Come along and help us turn bare earth into fertile green space! (don’t expect results by the end of the week please, we are longer term than that…)

Tengo aún mas ganas de trabajar en la regeneración del suelo en Boodaville y ganas de aplicar un diseño que nos permite aprovechar eficientemente la lluvia. Vamos a empezar en el workcamp del 3 – 10 de Octubre

¡Que vengais a Boodaville y aprendemos mas de esto!

Y comparto un video increible de Allan Savory  // This is an amazing TED talk – not so much an idea as a presentation of the lifelong work of Allan and the success stories he has to show for it.


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