Practical course with Oriol Ferrando

20 09 2016

Days 1, 2 and 3! See detail of the permaculture work in the gallery! Hay detalle del trabajo en la galería!



“Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange

5 09 2016

We built a dome!! An amazing 9 day Erasmus+ program, working with a fantastic team and a wonderful group of young, and not so young participants. Thank you so much to Jordi Cavaller Badia, Chuchi, Carlos, Bernat, OJ, Alberto and Kate for making this happen and to all the participants for their energy, positivity, ability to adapt to basic living and very hot conditions (41º on 2 days, but don’t get me started talking about climate change) and their openness and great collaboration.

Guest writer – Claudia, one of our participants from Portugal has written about her experience:

Hey this is Cláudia (pt) from Boodaville Summer 2016. We are in our last day before departure, trying to make everything beautiful for our final presentation with some guests here in our place.

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Day 2 and 3 of the dome course..

29 08 2016

Never mind the practice dome we built as a team-building exercise on day 1 .. we’re already well underway with the big dome which is the focus of this course!



Dome course – day 1

27 08 2016

We’re all here! After a late rush to find participants due to a cancellation we have a full course and have spent the day getting to know each other.. with people from 10 different countries!

The participants have recovered from the initial shock of living in nature and are already looking comfortable with alternative living – some girls are still wearing make-up I applaud them if they keep that up for the full 9 days with such small mirrors😉

As i write they are team-building and actually building a metal dome structure to be our chill-out space and yoga zone – up in the forest. I’ll post some photos of their successful work tomorrow….

Preparing for the radiant floor

22 08 2016

After two years of gravel we are finally going to put the radiant floor in the new house! Join us and learn the process from 10 – 24 September!

Facilitators :

Anna Gurney – Founder of Boodaville, Permaculture teacher and practitioner

Eloi – Many years experience building radiant floors, and teaching heating, materials and building deisgn.

Joaquim Pardet – decacdes of experience as a builder/eco-builder and expert in organic agriculture

Oriol Ferrando – Permaculture teacher with a diploma in Permaculture Design.

Después de 2 años con grava— finalmente vamos a construir el suelo radiante en la casa nueva! Ven a Boodavillle y aprender el proceso de 10 a 24 de Septiembre!

#permaculture #ecobuilding #passivedesign #earth #underfloorheating #systemdesign

#permacultura #bioconstrucción #tierra #sueloradiante #diseñodesistema



20 sec video – intro to Boodaville!

21 07 2016

Retreat Weekend 19 – 21 August, Join us! Fin de semana de retiro 19 – 21 agosto, Apuntate!


Our Retreat Weekend in July

9 07 2016

Next event : 19 – 21 August, email Anna for more info!

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The program is flexible depending on participants interests!

1 – 3 July the weekend went like this:

Fri evening : dinner and site tour


Morning meditation – silent walk up to Badger rock


Siesta and massage

River trip with  sketching then yoga


Laughter therapy


Free time