storm damage

version en castellano in the uk there were hurricanes, on the spanish coast there were weather warnings and trees down, in the yurt there were maurice and natalie. the weather forecast looked great from the diagrams and temperatures, but somehow, as i sent them off to arrive in darkness without a car, for their january … More storm damage

olives are in and the yurt’s as cosy as a sheep’s belly

Maurice and Natalie and two person sized bags of sheep’s wool insulation accompanied me this weekend for some farming and fresh air- well apart from the air directly underneath the insulation when you are squashing into the yurt roof. sheep’s wool is the greenest of the green, which means the dust that comes off it … More olives are in and the yurt’s as cosy as a sheep’s belly

just had an insulation delivery

i didn’t spend a huge amount of time researching which was the most eco option before i bought it (partly because it is for the yurt – not the official eco-build project), but check this out: the “greenest of the green” insulation choice. hooray and it is particularly good at keeping temperatures down in … More just had an insulation delivery

shrew and straw

shrew – it was dead in the rainwater collector. why didn’t i fix the lid before??? it only took a minute with the staple gun. so all 250 litres of water i carefully collected has been flushed out of the system straw – i went to visit a hotel made of it. how did a … More shrew and straw

diy chimney instalation follwed by fire emergency

Friday : misson – buy a stove and one of these:12:00 Encants market – stove €89, hot water bottle €6.95  (how did i ever live without one..) 12:30 asked around – hardware store, then industrial machine type shop and am now waiting outside a tiny backstreet door labeled “metallisteria”. a woman in a tabard  moping the … More diy chimney instalation follwed by fire emergency