Boodaville Bonds

WHY INVEST IN BOODAVILLE?  #boodavillebonds

The Boodaville Project is a socially, environmentally and economically responsible project that is educating people about sustainable living and leading by example. As problems with the current economic system are increasingly obvious I am hoping to reach the level of financing I need via an alternative to the traditional banking system, here are two statistics I would like to highlight :

– More than 97% of all money in the global economy is created by banks when they make loans, and most of this goes into speculation and not into the real economy. This benefits the rich and increases inequality. ( and Bernard Lietaer “The Future of Money”)

– The overall effect of interest payments is that 10% of the population get richer, while 80% get poorer. (Margrit Kennedy. “Money without interest and inflation” p.35)

“Boodaville Bonds” are an opportunity to invest in a great project and utilise a method of finance which is built on community, trust, and genuine social responsibility from both borrower and lender. The returns I offer are stated in the payment plan below.
The €12000 I need to raise is to buy materials to realise this year’s educational activities, in line with the objectives of the Boodaville Association. I am collaborating with many permaculture experts, activists and builders and the more materials we have, the faster we can realise the design and have a functional permaculture site.
I have been dedicated to this project for 6 years, we are now an official Association and I’m at a point where I really need some finance to get to the next stage and be able to comfortably host guests, teachers and volunteers. The loan repayments are secured by the fact that I will sell 75% of the project, including land and buildings, when we become a Cooperative in 2018. The current value of the project is approximately €20 000 and with a further €12 000 capital investment this year there we have a projected income of €24 000 when the sale goes through. However The Boodaville Project has already started to generate funds with a successful crowdfunding campaign in August 2013, EU funding for a course entitled “Sustainable living and Self-reliance” in August 2014 – part of the Erasmus+ programme, and in 2016 we will run retreats and apply for 2 more Erasmus + programs. Here are annual reports, written in November each year, which have full details of all the income and spending in the last few years :
PAYMENT PLAN (the OPTION 1 Loan Agreement contract is here)
Bonds are €1000 euros each and to be issued as soon as possible. The money will be transferred via internet bank transfers if no alternative is available – possibly through the new P2P transfer system Transferwise. I will be responsible for paying transfer fees.
Rather than interest, a fixed “fee” is offered as a return on the investment, and inflation/currency fluctuations are ignored.
The full amount of €1000 plus €180 extra will be returned by 30th June 2018
To the return the money I can make a repayment of the total amount €1180 at the end of the loan term. I reserve the right to repay the loan in full, including the €180, at any time.
The full amount of €1000 will be returned by 30th June 2018 and as a return on the investment lenders are offered a free or discounted place on any permaculture or sustainability course we run before September 2018. This includes courses with excellent qualified teachers, where full board and lodging are provided. (This does not form part of the Loan Agreement contract)
To return the money I can either make a repayment of the total amount €1000 at the end of the loan term. I reserve the right to repay the loan in full at any time.
What is The Boodaville Project?

Have a look here

Why should I trust you?

You can see the development of the project during the last 6 years on the blog and can see my long-term dedication to the project. I am confident that the financial plan to sell the 75% share stated will be successful. If, however, there is a problem with this I can personally assure you that there will be enough money to cover the loan payments due in 2018.

Why don’t you borrow from an ethical bank?

I am looking to pay back the loans at a fixed date in the future. I am trying this approach first. If i need to, I will look into ethical banking options.

Why not use the Coopfunding initiative which is exactly what you need?

As an association we will look into this idea, but still have the problem of wanting to pay all the money back on the sale of the project later.

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