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26th November 2015                     

It’s that time of year again. Winter is here and I am reflecting on the achievements of The Boodaville Project. It is now just over 7 years since the day I signed to buy the land in 2008. This year the land has been green and exceptionally beautiful, the fruit trees are growing as expected and much of the anise, which seems to like more water, has grown again. The olive trees are having an off year, however, and there is nothing to harvest.

With a lot of hard work by Oceanne and myself The Boodaville Festival was back in force this year. The year has also seen some new types of events which will be repeated in 2016 – a “Restorative Retreat” which was a wonderful experience for all involved and profoundly relaxing. Then in October we held our first workcamp at which elements of the permaculture design were implemented. The permaculture design is coming along and this winter is a phase of planning, finding partners for projects, promoting the 2016 calendar and raising funds to implement the next stages. Here is an important post published about the long-term future of the project and read on below for more detail about how the year went, our finances, and what to expect in 2016!

Anna Gurney







Goals set for 2014-15

Permaculture Design implementation

URGENT : Finish the drip system, put a filter in the road water catchment, put an escape on the water collection system at the bathroom. ✔

Permanent path design ✔

More water catchment

General site design

The urgent work has been completed, and the path design implemented. The path from the new house down to the second terrace needs to be finished. The water catchment has not been improved but of the many ideas we have clarified the priority – a roof on the outdoor kitchen, with a gutter draining to a “Pillow” water tank on the upper terrace. The next step is funding for the materials and to organise a workcamp on this. Alessandro Ardovini has been an important collaborator with the project this year and is working with Boodaville on the design. As well as the points identified last year, other developments include : improvements made to the soil quality by de-compacting and fixing nitrogen, swales and erosion prevention on the road and space above the old house, the rebuilding of the steps up to the poo toilet.

More work on the house

URGENT: Get the roof and walls covered in earth ✔

Radiant floor



The roof has been finished apart from planting aromatic plants around the gravel terrace made on the workcamp. The floor now has gravel, but is not completed. There has been no progress on the doors or shower. The house has functioned extremely well this year as a lounge/library, a workshop space, and an indoor dining room for hot or cold mealtimes. Even without the doors it was cosy on october evenings with a woodburning stove and curtains, and it is useful for storage.



URGENT : Olive harvest ✔

The harvest was completed by familia Rueda Gurney on a beautiful weekend in Dec 2014. We cleaned up 50 kilos ready to conserve, before discovering that because the olives had the “mosca” we could only use them for oil. So we left them with the neighbour to and he pressed them along with his own harvest!

2014-12-13 12.50.04


Activities and events

Boodaville Festival 2015 and preparation volunteer opportunities ✔

The festival was absolutely fantastic, several participants said it was the best one yet. The highlights were The Love of It pirate games at the river, the Acroyoga session on the Sunday morning, the new house as a space for Djs, dancing and a live concert, and the healing space, the Van Tea and the Haima were lovely additions to the usual spaces. We had rain every evening.. too much rain for my liking, but apart from some muddy paths there were no real problems with that.

boodaville poster FINAL    Boodaville yoga     IMG_7525

EU Funded course for 2015

We didn’t apply for a funded course

Radiant floor workcamp

We weren’t able to find a course leader to do the floor. Instead we ran an Applied Permaculture Design workcamp following the standard workcamp structure which was a brilliant program, we just need a few more participants for future versions and it will be a great way of advancing with the project while people are given the chance to learn and DO.

WWOOFERS and volunteers on site from April until two weeks after the festival. Working on implementing the permaculture design.

We had volunteers on site for most of April / May. What is needed for 2016 are some long-term residents who make sure wwoofers really stick to the job in hand. In 2016 we will be either looking for long-term volunteers, or will stick to running workcamps to make sure the work done is efficient and to a good enough standard.

? Repeat the course “Towards sustainable living and self-reliance” for paying participants.

We didn’t seriously consider this idea for reasons of dates, and the amount of marketing work required.

Partners and Ecoxarxa

Continue to network with local projects, and any interested collaborators

We were really happy to have Helena from the Ecoxarxa del Ebre at the festival this year. Between Helena, Chuni and Marcos we had many local people involved in the festival this year which is brilliant.

Become an association

Still on the list


Our first Restorative Weekend Retreat was a great success and a well balanced program which we hope to repeat 4 times in 2016. The aim of these retreats is to provide space for relaxation, mindfulness and personal development. At the same time we aim to earn about 500 euros for the project on each weekend.

I completed a permaculture teacher training course with Rosemary Morrow  in Son Barrina in Mallorca, October 2015. An intense course, and a brilliant learning experience.


TOTAL SPENDING THIS YEAR: 3485.10 of which 570.10€ was capital investment.

Boodaville Festival // Income : 1300€ Costs : 1300€ Net income : 0€ Capital expenditure : 0€

(costs included expenses for The love of It and workshops/musicians, site prep and disposables, volunteer food. The bar also broke even, we were left with 100 euros of stock, but it got stolen)

Retreat // Income : 710€ Costs : 384.32€ Net income : 325.68€ Capital expenditure : 0€

(NB Anna did not receive any euro payment for the 5 days work)

Workcamp // Income : 515€ Costs : 879.7€ Net income : -364.7€ Capital expenditure : 0€

(NB Anna did not receive any euro payment for the 5 days work, and the organiser and facilitator received little. Although nothing was bought to add capital value, the work done during the 5 days has added value to the site, the costs were greater than normal because Anna had to rent/borrow cars)

Income from donations/visitors : 27€

Other spending : 960€

Net spending by Anna : 607.32


Events planned/proposed :

4 Restorative Retreat Weekends : May, June, August, Sept

Workcamps : April (2 wks), May (2 wks), July (1 week), Sept (2 weeks), Oct (2 weeks)

Boodaville Festival : Proposed date 29th May weekend.

Family PDC : July – 1st Saturday until 3rd Saturday.

Anna to co-organise an event for teenagers with Viaje a la Sostenibilidad : June. Not at Boodaville

Potential collaboration with PB and Erasmus+

Potential for replacing one workcamp with an Erasmus+ dome program

Volunteer Opportunities : We will need volunteers in April, around the festival time and probably in July.

Work on house/site

Plant green roof

Radiant floor



More water catchment – kitchen structure/roof/water deposit

Continue work to decompact soil

General site design and implementation of the permaculture design – dome?

Become an association

Continue working with local partners and be involved in local networks. Continue working with Alessandro on the PC design.

Present Boodaville as a future Ecoaldea at the RIE gathering in August 2016

Have permanent residents (collaborators and long-term volunteers) from April through to October, and maybe in the winter.


* Definitions used throughout this document :

Workshop – a session run by a qualified teacher for which participants pay.

Workcamp – a stay at Boodaville during which an expert is on site and working and learning occurs. Participants contribute to the costs of their stay.

Volunteer opportunity – a stay at Boodaville during which working and some learning takes place, volunteers pay nothing towards their stay but work a minimum number of hours each day and are expected to follow the schedule strictly.