yurt building weekend

my next mission for the countryside ruin is to build a yurt. i downloaded a book “how to build your own yurt for under 100 pounds” and i’m working on getting the materials and doing the prep over the next couple of months.

the weekend of 10th april 2010 i am proposing a two day cooperation frenzy whereby a bunch of us get together with the overall mission of getting the yurt upright and waterproof on the land. i promise i am aiming more for fun than hard work and there will be river trips as and when necessary, but for those of you who are interested in experiencing a very different type of weekend and getting out to the olive groves it will be brilliant.

anyone is invited … let me know what you think

location : in a valley near the town of Calaceite in Teruel Spain. 3hrs by bus from barcelona, 1 hour from reus airport
accomodation : bring a tent to camp two nights
facilities : homemade compost toilet, solar shower
don’t forget : swimming gear, sunhat, warm clothes, good boots, torch, and insect repellant
food : i will provide dinners and breakfasts. (and i promise i won’t make you eat any of my own olives – johanna can tell you how disgusting they are. i have yet to perfect that side of things)

roll call below:  (leave a comment)

4 thoughts on “yurt building weekend

  1. “Yurt” means fatherland,country in Turkish and yurts are main homes of Turkish people when they have been lived in Minor Asia and Anotolia. Why you did not prefer a place to built yurt in Turkey instead Spain?

    You need felt for this project. Real Felt is special material which keeps insects or harmful things away like scorpions. Felt is also insulated and waterproof material too.

  2. Me n Chuk will be there but I might be giving commands and chopping up bamboo rather than any heavy lifting 🙂
    Yahey for the Yurt – is that what we need on our T-shirts?

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