working the vineyard

as those of you who’ve visited know, there is a vineyard at the bottom of my olive terraces and the grapes are looking ripe and ready.

my neighbour Manuel is waiting for the go ahead from the local cooperative and then he has the huge task of harvesting the grapes. it is standard in the countryside that relatives, friends and neighbours help each other in the fields, and for me its a great chance to get to know my neighbours and more about the community. if you’d like to come and see the workings of the vineyard, experience a bit of the campesino life and learn about winemaking, the more the merrier. (obviously you can sleep in the new guest suite or a tent and we’ll cook and hang out for the weekend)

DATES : the problem with this one is that when the cooperative say GO! he starts the next day so i’m not entirely sure when this will happen. i’ll keep you updated.

CONTACT ME : (or just leave a comment)

One thought on “working the vineyard

  1. Yes, I would like come for this event, and learn more about wine making!!! I’ll follow for your information. Thanks. See you soon!

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