big up the team


sharpening the chisel – 3 hours

marking out the circle – 3 minutes

sawing bits of wood to make floor bearers at the stinking tip – 2 hours. key team members: arnau, gary, gary’s right testicle, pau, anna (officially NOT a fascist leader) and a dead cat.

busy phil and robmaking roof poles round at the end with a fantastically sharp chisel – 1 hour. rob d

drilling holes in the wall posts – 1 hour. phil

trench digging where the bearers will lie on the ground – 1 hour. team members chuk, maskell and smallchuk

lunch. yoopeee. perfect. coffee

levelling bearers and laying and nailing down floorboards on them- hours

tying the wall posts together with the most crucial building material… string – painfully slow and too many blisters

discussing whether to bury the door frame intstead of sawing it – yes

discussing whether anna is, in fact, a fascist

wondering whether arnau will get out of the hammock, and whether it was just the morning beer that caused him to drive my van into a wall,

by sundown: floorboards looking flat, wall looking stringy, imminent football match being discussed, arnau’s car battery run down, some not that warm solar showers taken and beer drunk

by 3am .. most people full of wine and on their way to bed


nutella. coffee and tea at the same time. realtively low level of functioning all round.

more floorboards and wedging extra bits of wood under the bendy places,

more and more and more tying wall poles together – second half of wall started

heat. hunger. lunch. river trip option turned down because people are keen to crack on 🙂 (and they were sitting in the shade at the time)

trying to make the lattice walls have a straight end, running out of string

hole digging so we can bury the doorframe and make a hobbit door.

starting to realise that we are not actually going to get this bastard put together by sundown… but we all had plenty of time to eat pancakes and hot potatoes.

most importantly there are volunteers to come back in a fortnight (24th April) and carry on 🙂


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