Warm Milk and Olives

by Matt Kemp

What do you do if you pull a live baby rabbit by its ears from a digger? and then discover from the driver that this cute little thing had hitched a ride 30 kilometres after his warren was destroyed by the same diggers hydralic spade.

This was the conundrum that faced myself , my girlfriend (Maria) , two german WOOFERS (Nina and Isabel) and Anna of Boodaville on an otherwise peaceful weekend in the middle of the mountains.

We met in Barcelona late friday night nearly not completing three hour trip together after Anna threatened to drive the car full of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ back to Barcelona.  After a little moon gazing , with the fire stoked and looking like Eskimos to stave off the cold, Maria and I went to sleep in a small stone house, Anna in a Yurt and the two WOOFERS in a tent.

The cold night passed before finally bursting out of my bag to take a piss that was it least four hours overdue, to be greeted by a Digger that had arrived for some early morning work. Over two hours with effortless ease it dug the foundations and basically did the work that 5 hippies would do in two months. The final result – a transformed environment and a frightened Rabbit in tow. Job done!

We put the rabbit in a box, affectionatly called it ‘Stu’ then headed into town to buy a few things at the quite outstandingly slow service hardware store. After what seemed like half a day of standing around in Spanish contemplation , we finally left with a Cherry tree, some tools and wire to create a safe haven for the Rabbit that fast looked as if it was going to become a pet.

Some high powered coffee knocked us out of our hardware stupor with Nina and Isabel to trim some Olive trees , Maria and I to roam around finding rocks to build a stone wall and Anna ‘Animal farm’ style to her yurt .

After an enjoyable afternoons work Maria and I eventually wandered off to be enchanted by the song of an Owl . Nice!

With the lovely Moraccan flavours of dinner we sat under the stars and round a fire , planned several revolutions, discussed moon migration, did Steve Jobs really contribute nice things to Humanity? How Hitler invented the VW and how is it possible to persuade friends to take in a homeless Wild rabbit? and the morning we did a little more foundation work whilst debate raged about  what to do with Stu.

The final options were:

1) Take it back to Barcelona , give it love and attention , feed it and make it strong enough to take on a hungry fox, then eventually release it.

2)Put it out of its misery now and give it a proper respectful funeral.

3) Kill it and Eat it, as nobody fancied chopping another mountain of vegetables for Lunch.

4) Let it run free and trust that by its instincts it will survive.

With the later eventually chosen  and with the strains of that sad song from Rabbit/Adventure film Watership Down ringing in my ears I am now on a train back to Barcelona trying to convince myself that little ‘Stu’ has hitched a ride out of Boodaville back to his refugee family and is now recounting his tramatic story whilst being comforted by warm milk and olives.

It was a great weekend in Aragorn & again an affirmation that my own path lies in the mountains somewhere without the burden of a mortgage and just some rabbits to think about.



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