where they accept woofers like Pere  and Los Guilletes. I also met up with one of the world’s only 100% organic perfumiers in France – Nick Jennings.  We stayed in their country masia which is an inspiring example of affordable sustainable living. A stone house with just one living space space divided into an open plan kitchen/bathroom/lounge and a mezzazine floor divided into two bedrooms. A single woodburner easily keeps the place warm in winter and in summer the shady terrace and the hectare of surrounding land are where you spend most of your time.  There should be more places like this – where country living doesn’t have to be a huge mansion. On the down side you do need to go outside to get to the toilet, but who wants to poo in their lounge??

Nick also told me about his business partners in Spain, a couple who packed in the “high-life” in the UK to move to Andalucia and start an eco-tourism venture. link.  I’ll try and get down there this winter to see what more i can learn about gers….

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