Building a compost toilet


Here’s all the info about our new compost toilet at Boodaville. Para quien sea interesado en repetir la construcción del lavabo o contactar con los creadores puede escribir a o a


We arrived on Saturday, 5th April.
We spent the first 3 days preparing the place for our stay. Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoon we were working on preparing the yurt and the kitchen. In this time we dried and emptied the yurt, repaired the cane structure, tensed the roof and fixed it to the ground, we sealed the holes around the chimney, build a bed and shelves for clothes and isolated the roof with carton. The yurt is now once again a place where to people can stay with minimum comfort. In the kitchen there was to do quite a lot of cleaning and we had to fix the roof, because it was a risk for the people working in the kitchen. There was a lot more work to do to prepare the place for our stay and work, but I can’t remember everything.
On Monday and Tuesday we started to recollect and buy the material we needed for the construction. On Wednesday we started the construction of the tank, which we finished by Thursday afternoon. Then we started the construction of the platform, which took us another day. On Saturday afternoon, when the boys and girls of the CAU arrived we already got the tank set in place under the platform and finished the parapet on the platform. Sunday morning we went to collect cane by the river and Sunday afternoon we had the first few free hours during the day since we arrived.
On Monday and Tuesday we finished the construction of the compost toilet, making the seat, connecting the stovepipe to the tank and installing the mechanism, that turns the washing machine drum. On Wednesday we prepared to leave Boodaville and leave the place in a good shape for other people to come. On Thursday I protected the cane we collected and pealed for the construction of the roof and covered the compost toilet. I left Friday the 18th in the morning.

Thank you so much for all your hard work Jens and Karles!

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