Free online workshop : Intro to Regenerative Cultures

Saturday 19th Sept 16:00 CET Join us here! : MARANYA FESTIVAL ONLINE – ALL DAY SAT 19th Facebook event here, for questions, comments discussion Information about the session…. This workshop is a chance to explore what a future living in balance with natural systems could look like. Designing regenerative cultures is key to finding … More Free online workshop : Intro to Regenerative Cultures

Latest Newsletter / Últimas noticias

(en castellano abajo) Hello everyone, PLEASE SIGN UP TO RECEIVE OCCASIONAL NEWS! 2020 started well with the food forest blooming after Gloria and the warmest winter ever, and i quit my job. Please read and feel free to share the letter I wrote about why I’ve done this. (Since then we have been subjected to a cross-Europe lockdown because of Coronovirus – … More Latest Newsletter / Últimas noticias