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Recharge and detox with a weekend in the stunning Vall Rovira, Matarranya, Spain.

This all-inclusive package offers a completely stress free weekend in a tranquil natural setting with healthy organic meals cooked for you in our outdoor kitchen. You can choose from a range of sessions including yoga, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, sketching, sustainable living and life coaching. Or you can simply read in a hammock, dip in the clear water of the River Algars, and observe the wildlife.

The accommodation is comfortable and set up for you with mattress and bedding. All the essentials for living outdoors for two nights are provided at the site.

We look forward to dining under the stars with you!

Dates 2018 : tbc 


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 It´s amazing how medicinal a couple days of connection to nature can be. My eyes were refreshed by the greenery and lack of artificial light. I savored the sunshine and relished the total darkness, slept deeply, dreampt vividly, and felt lighter under the tapestry of stars. My brain waves shifted from constant saturation of the city to the steady calm of breath and wind. Playing in the river made me feel back at home in myself, in touch with my childlike essence. ” – Zoe, Participant in our 2015 retreat.

Price – €120

includes local transport, all meals, drinks, activities and campsite from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime.

Maximum 10 guests

(but there is plenty of space for everyone – we guarantee a secluded river spot and we maintain a peaceful, sometimes silent, atmosphere)

here’s a 20 sec video which shows the site

More information about the campsite

 Contact Anna :

To book your place transfer €60 to The Boodaville Asociation. The remaining 50% is to be paid on arrival in cash. Terms and conditions. Our retreat weekends are not for profit, and all income goes towards the Boodaville Association and it’s work in sustainability education.


The timetable for sessions will be decided nearer the time based on what visitors are most interested in. The sessions can be run by the river or on site according to what you would like.

YOGA – Hatha yoga sessions with a qualified teacher will be offered in the morning shade on the roof terrace. Evening classes can be offered if there is a demand. There are several shady secluded spots for visitors who want to practice yoga for themselves.

MINDFULNESS/MEDITATION/OBSERVATION – Sessions led by Anna Gurney (Founder of The Boodaville Project, BSc Hons Psychology, PDC and 2 years experience leading workshops) These sessions will be adapted to the unique surroundings at Boodaville where the focus is on ourselves, our bodies, but also on the natural environment which we are part of.

LAUGHTER THERAPY – If anyone is keen to try this I’m very interested in it and would like to give it a go! The focus of the weekend is enjoyment; an indulgence in feeling good, smiling, breathing deeply and channeling positive energy through your body and the group. So laughter therapy would fit right in.

DAYLIGHT AND MOONLIGHT WALKS/SIT SPOT – Exploring the valley alone or in small groups. Mindfulness techniques can be applied to make the most of these special adventures.

DETOX –  Enjoy delicious organic three course meals with us. All food is animal free and we can also offer a detoxifying diet during the weekend.

SKETCHING – A step further than the sit spot, visitors will be offered the materials they need, some basic techniques and as much time as they enjoy observing and drawing.

MASSAGE – We will make space and time for some massage therapy.

SUSTAINABLE LIVING – The Boodaville Project, and especially this weekend event, is an example of living in a sustainable way, according to permaculture principles. As well as brief explanations and reflections during the weekend on the way we eat and the way we use our time and resources, a full session can be included in the timetable covering the basic principles of sustainability, but with a focus on sustaining ourselves in today’s busy world. (Led by Anna Gurney)

COACHING – We are in contact with a professional coach. Sessions could be arranged as a group for some basic techniques or individually. Any coaching will take place on Sunday, to leave the first part of the program entirely for activities related to being in the moment.

en castellano

Recarga y detox con un fin de semana en la maravillosa Vall Rovira, Matarranya, España.

Este paquete todo incluído ofrece un completo fin de semana libre de estrés en un tranquilo paraje natural con saludables comidas orgánicas preparada para ti en nuestra cocina exterior. Puedes elegir entre una serie de sesiones como yoga, técnicas de relajación, Mindfulness, sketching, vida sostenible y life coaching. O simplemente tumbarte a leer en una hamaca, sumergirte en las aguas claras del río Algars y observar la vida pasar.

El alojamiento es cómoda y montaremos colchones y ropa de cama para los participantes. En Boodaville encontrarás lo imprescindible para vivir dos días en la naturaleza.

Te esperamos para cenar bajo las estrellas!

“Fue un fin de semana espectacular, me recargué de energía y volví a la ciudad más conectada conmigo y con la naturaleza.”– Participante en nuestro retiro de 2015

Precio – €120

incluye transporte local, todas las comidas, bebidas, actividades y zona de acampada desde el viernes noche hasta la hora de comer el domingo.

Máximo 10 invitados

(pero hay sitio en abundancia para todos – garantizamos un rincón solitario de río y mantendremos una calma atmósfera, en ocasiones silente)

aquí hay u den video 20 secundos que demuestra el sitio

Más información sobre el camping

 Contacto – Anna :

Para reservar tu sitio realizar una transferencia de €60 a la asociación de Boodaville. 50% del coste se paga en efectivo cuando llegues. Terminos y condiciones. Nuestros retiros funcionan sin animo de lucro y los beneficios están dirigido a la asociación de Boodaville que trabaja en educación para la sostenibilidad.


Vamos a confirmar el horario para las sesiones mas tarde basado en lo que los clientes les interesa. Las sesiones se pueden realizar al lado del río o en Boodaville.

YOGA – Hatha yoga con un facilitador licenciada por la mañana en la sombra de la terraza. Clases por la tarde se dispondrera si haya demanda. También hay sitios aislados y bonitos para gente que quieren practicar yoga individualmente.

MINDFULNESS/MEDITACIÓN/OBSERVACIÓN – Anna Gurney (Fundadora de The Boodaville Project, Licenciada en Psicología, CDP y 2 años experiencía en facilitar talleres). Estas sesiones serán adaptadas a la stuación único de Boodaville donde el centro de atención estará fijado en nosotros mismos, nuestros cuerpos y también en el ambiente natural de que formamos parte.

RISOTERÁPIA –  Si alguién tiene ganas de intentar esto me interesa mucho. El objectivo del fin de semana es disfutar : el lujo de sentirnos bien, sonreirnos, respirar profundamente y canalizar energía positiva a tráves de nuestros cuerpos y el grupo.

PASEAR POR EL VALLE CON SOL Y LUNA / SIT SPOT  – la oportunidad de explorar el valle solo/a o en pequeños grupos. Se puede aplicar técnicas de mindfulness para aprovechar hasta el máximo estos aventuras especiales.

DIBUJO – Un paso mas allá que el “sit spot”. A los participantes ofrecemos las materiales, algunas técnicas básicas y todo el tiempo que desean para observar y dibujar.

MASAJE –  Habrá espacio y tiempo para hacer terapia de masaje.

VIDA SOSTENIBLE – The Boodaville Project es un ejemplo de una vida sostenible y una vida que hacer caso a los principios de la permacultura. Encima de dar explanaciones y reflexiones breves durante el fin de semana sobre nuestro manera de comer y la manera de gastar nuestro tiempo y recursos, podemos incluir en el horario una sesión completo que explicar las pautas básicas para sostenibilidad, pero enfocada en cuidarnos psicologicamente en este mundo tan ajetreado. (con Anna Gurney)

COACHING – Estamos en contacto con un coach profesional. Se podia organizar una sesion como grupo para algunas técnicas básicas o hacer sesiones individuales. Cualquier actividad de coaching se realizara el domingo, para que mitad del programa esta solo para actividades de concienciación en el momento.

Permablitz and party..


Our last event of the year was a permablitz implementing Natural Farming methods with Kate Curtis and an awesome party in the dome afterwards. Our best event yet! Helen wrote a blog post about it here .

El último evento del año fue un “permablitz” trabajando en técnicas de agricultura natural y regenerativa y una fiesta genial en el domo. El mejor evento hasta ahora!!! Hay una entrada en el blog Living in the Future (en inglés) escrito por Helen Iles

happy 3rd birthday to boodaville

en castellano aqui

well it’s only been called boodaville for a few months i suppose, but the seed started growing on the 7th November 2008 when i took the day off work, went over there in a little rental car, signed the papers with Antonio’s ageing parents and a notary to buy a 1.5 hectare plot in rural spain, and cracked open a bottle of cava in the sunshine.


The project has evolved since the original idea and just to clear things up – here’s a summary of what’s going on down at the land:

I am working in parallel on building a comfortable home with rooms for rent (read more here) and developing eco-tourism with a focus on educational workshops about sustainable living, called the “positive impact project”. It’s mainly about fun and adventure, but also aims to show people ethical lifestyle alternatives which could be adopted on a long term basis. If we inspire visitors to make permanent changes to the routine can we can claim that by choosing a boodaville holiday your overall effect on people and planet is a positive one? maybe – hence the name project…

the anniversary weekend was all about bonfire

and hulahooping

more highlights coming up.. as i think of catchy headlines

diary of an arts weekend…

well first check out some photos, including the awesome karate moves of some of the group – not only in the improv class but also when attempting to destroy wood

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in the team photo people were asked to sum up what they learnt over the weekend in a single expression – do you need me to explain more or can you just look at their faces and glean what happened?

overall it was a huge success and i’m pleased with the organisation for a first attempt – which i’m sure was credit to having such a lovely group of people. As predicted it was cold at night and to solve this problem i will be providing hot water bottles in future i promise. the food was delicious and in all about 80% was organic, or locally made or fair trade. the workshops sounded hilarious (i was stuck in the kitchen and could hear them laughing from up top!!) and the walking, river trip and yoga fitted in perfectly.

i completely love it when visitors get as energised and excited about the land as i am – and i thought it was brilliant that Fiona et al decided to get up at 7 on sunday for a silent walk up to a rock with a view to do a meditation.

what guests had to say:

“It was truly an awesome weekend with some truly awesome people and I hope we’ll all do it again someday. Thank you Anna!!” – Scott

“I found the conversation really enrichening and inspiring across the whole weekend and you all took really well to the Improv – it was great fun!” Matt Kemp (workshop leader)

“It was truly a wonderful weekend and unlike anything I’ve done since moving to Barcelona. Thanks to all of you for making it so fun and supporting my first attempts at improv” -Iva

ok – and just in case you think i’m being too selective here’s Brian’s response

“Apart from the cold hellish nightmare bumpy ground plagued sleeps, it was perfect.”

(like i say, i’m getting hot water bottles – and this event took place in October)

my other highlights –

hearing shouting from the workshops where people were loving the empty outdoor space to let rip

people who wouldn’t normally do that sort of thing admitted that they enjoyed the number 2 toilet 😉

matt‘s opening song in the yurt (we took our concert inside and lit a fire – extreme cosiness!)

jumping in the river (let’s face it, i wouldn’t have gone in if i was on my own. i don’t care what you say Brian, it was freezing)

and although i nearly hit stress point on saturday (particularly when the shopping took 3 times as long as expected because of village gossip..) it was a pretty smooth and painless operation, and thanks to Maurice who spent lots of the day cleaning up and making tea.

things i’ve learnt:

the open olive grove next to the red brick house up top makes an awesome space for “defend your castle” type team silliness

the yurt just fits 11 people and a concert in

people eat a lot at snack time after a 2 hour improv workshop

the fastest i can get from calaceite to my place is 3.5 minutes

Matt Kemp is a legend

i want to run the whole boodaville project on donations – that’s to say that people pay enough to cover their expenses, on top of that they give a voluntary contribution they feel comfortable with so people in the future can enjoy the same experience.

eco-living and performing arts weekend

7th-9th october

workshops · physical theatre · improv games · dining under the stars · eco-living · river swimming · yoga · hill-walking

the weather is looking great for this event, hooray! i thought october might be pushing it a bit but temperatures are still in the high 20s and last weekend we were in the river at sunset… if you want to join a small group of us for fun and laugher there are still places available!! click here for info and to reserve your place

local swim spot


problem solving

so we found a common enemy. we will all blame carla, the lady who worked at the main district office for a few months covering a maternity leave. she only approved one of the two buildings, and also classified it as the wrong type of tourist accomodation.

who knows if it really is all her fault, but since my idea to have tourists and myself living on the same piece of land yet in different buildings doesn’t tick any of their boxes describing how country hotels should be, i am now going to live in a shed. no, hang on, i didn’t say that. i am not going to live in a shed, i am going to build one – to make sure i use all the square metres the current law allows me – then sleep in it occasinally and apply for a “change of use” in many years time to convert it to a home. this means the two buildings will be

1) a building for rural tourism/living in

2) an agricultural shed built on the ruins of the original building.

but get this… not only is it much quicker to apply for permission to build a shed, but the valderrobres planning office can give me the permission to build so i avoid any of these ridiculous three month waits. AND i can put a green roof on the shed. AND – get this – i have to become a farmer. that means i am allowed to build an agricultural building. i’m going to go and look at how to register with the local cooperative now

on the downside— we are literally back to the drawing board for two weeks

my favourite boodaville 2011 pictures :

the boodaville festival:

the biggest event of the year is a weekend music, arts and interactive gaming festival. the next festival will be may 2014 with dj acts, live music, fun and games and much much more. video  ·  photos

el evento mas grande del año es un fin de semana de musica, talleres y juegos interactivos. el proximo evento será en mayo 2014 con deejays, musica, diversion, juegos, talleres y mucho mucho mas!  video  ·  photos

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all the photos are now in the boodaville photo gallery