Workcamp October 2015 – Photos and comments

(CAST – Realizaremos el próximo campo de trabajo en primavera 2016, ver este enlace para más info de los campos de trabajo)

“Just got back from the best trip EVER – a week in nature doing permaculture projects in Calaceite. I had a FANTASTIC time, working and living in close contact with nature is the BEST and I met LOVELY people” Lauren

Our next workcamp will be in Spring 2016, see here for more details of workcamps 

Our first ever workcamp finished the 10th of October 2015 after one full day of workshops and five days of working. I am so impressed by the really productive work that went on and want to give massive thanks to our participants Austin, Lauren, Sara, Helen and Carolina, to the organiser Ondrej and to our brilliant facilitator for the week, Alessandro Ardovini.

The gallery shows the work that was done including building swales, decompacting soil, finishing the green roof, transplanting trees, rebuilding the steps to stop erosion and more!

Just after the course finished some visitors/volunteers arrived for the weekend so we could finish the roof and plant some leguminous plants to see how they fare – whatever happens to them in the poor quality soil we currently have, they will work towards fixing nitrogen, further decompacting the soil and with the seeds and the mulch we are adding organic matter. Thank you to Nanook, Fili, Camille, Macho and Carlos for supporting the project and helping out.

Do you have skills in construction, carpentry or permaculture?  Would you like to work with us?


Tienes experiencia en construcción, carpinteria o permacultura?   Quieres trabajar con nosotros?

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