Visit Boodaville Spring 2015

May 29 – 31: Restorative Weekend Retreat

Recharge and detox with a weekend away. Optional sessions include yoga, relaxation techniques, coaching and more…

June 12 – 14: Boodaville Festival 

3 awe-inspiring days dancing, playing, singing, learning, laughing and celebrating the achievements so far of the Boodaville Project. 3 días de inspiración bailando, jugando, aprendiendo, riendo y celebrando los logros del Proyecto de Boodaville.

apart from the programmed events you can sometimes visit in the following ways:


as a guest at boodaville i ask that you pay for your transport and your share of the food/activity costs. you are not expected to work, but enthusiasm and helping out are encouraged. if people can help out financially, a voluntary contribution towards site maintenance is much appreciated. (suggested amount = 5 euros or 5 ecos per night) please contact anna by email to arrange dates:

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