Festival 2018 – food and drink

25 – 27 mayo 2018



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The Boodaville Project already has a reputation for providing excellent local and organic food during events and courses and we will be inviting those same chefs to the festival to cook up delicious meals each day. The meals will be served at set times. Guests are asked to bring their own cutlery with their camping gear and to wash up their own dishes at the washing up point after eating. We will provide plates and reusable plastic cups – feel free to bring your favourite mug if you don’t like drinking out of plastic! Meals cost up to €6 per plate.

KIRA’S CATERING will be providing exceptionally good animal free meals Friday to Satruday

Friday dinner 20:30

Saturday breakfast 9:00 – 10:30

Saturday lunch 13:30

Saturday dinner (sandwiches) 18:00 until sold out!

Sunday Brunch 11:00 DON CARBON will be joining us with barbecued delights.. including home-made local sausage, fresh organic eggs and delicious veg

Snacks – please bring your own.


New for 2018!! Ben wants to get a barrel and serve cold draft beer in glasses 🙂

The bar sells cold beers (€1 a can), Artesan beers (€2.50), local organic red and white wine (€5-8 euros a bottle) and some soft drinks including water. Tap water is available on site from a separate water deposit. You can also buy cups of ice at the bar to make your own mix drinks. Cocktail hour is on Saturday at sunset and this years speciality will be available during this time.

This year, for the first time ever, we will have draft craft beer from Barcelona-based Edge Brewery available for cold, much-needed refreshment. While pricier than the cans we’ll also have on offer, the feeling of drinking finely crafted beer made from top quality ingredients from a glass (or maybe jam jar) and chilled to perfection will surely be worth the extra.

Alongside this, I’ll have a limited number of locally brewed pale ale available in small bottles and, of course, plenty of industrial lager for when you really don’t care what it tastes like as long as it’s cold.

There will also be (I’m assured) some bottles of natural wine as well as some local tinto y blanco. There will be soft drinks and water too and, on Saturday evening, a cocktail of some description (to be confirmed: suggestions welcome) so you can ease yourselves in to the evening slowly, surely and delightfully.

The usual rules apply – either start a tab by paying in advance or pay as you go. If I’m not at the bar, feel free to help yourselves to anything (and be honest with payment), with the caveat that the draft beer is off-limits if I’m not around.

I look forward to greeting you with a hassled demeanour but a winning smile at the bar. 🙂 – Ben


Please bring small change to pay for drinks and snacks as we run the bar with an “honesty jar” and you pay as you go.


El Proyecto Boodaville ya tiene la reputación de proporcionar excelente comida local y orgánica durante sus eventos y cursos, así que invitaremos a conocidos cocineros al festival para que preparen rica comida cada día. Éstas serán servidas a horas fijas, y cuando hayas comprado tu entrada te será enviada una hoja donde aparecerá una lista de menús y precios para apuntarte. Por supuesto que se podrán realizar cambios, pero los cocineros necesitan hacer sus cálculos. Los invitados han de traer consigo sus propios cubiertos junto con su equipo de acampada, así como lavar sus propios platos en el fregadero una vez hayan comido. Proporcionaremos platos y vasos de plástico reutilizables (aún así puedes traer tu propia taza si no te gusta beber en vasos de plástico). El precios de cada comida es máximo €5 el plato.

viernes cena 20:30

sábado desayuno 9:00 – 10:30

sábado comida 13:30

sábado cena (bocadilloa) 18:00 hasta que no queda nada!

domingo “brunch” 11:00

para picar – es recomendable traer algo para picar entre comidas.



En el bar se venderán cerveza fría ( 1€ por lata), cerveza artesanal (2.5 € por botellín ), así como vino tinto y vino blanco orgánico ( 5-8 € por botella), y refrescos (agua incluida). Habrá agua potable también en un depósito separado para que puedas beber cuando quieras. También podrás comprar hielo en el bar para hacer tus propios bebidas. La hora del Cóctel es el sábado al atardecer, y este año además habrá disponibles algunas especialidades.
Recuerda traer dinero suelto para pagar por tus bebidas y snacks, ya que habrá una “hucha de la honestidad” donde habrás de depositar tu dinero cada vez que consumas algo.


Join the facebook group to catch up with the latest news and ask questions

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