Festival 2017 – line up and activities

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Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.04.38

2 or 3 workshops in the afternoon.

Nature connection – Kate Curtis  /// Permaculture – Aless / Oriol /// Alternative Economics – Ecoxarxa

Dinner followed by Live Music / Música en directo : Zacarias and more!

evening program runs from 10pm till 1am would be good to make sure there is some music. we could have a dj from 20:30 pm while people eat.


—– 10:00 —–

Singing group experience – a nice big music feel-good / experiencia divertida de cantar en grupo (PARA CONFIRMAR)

—– 11:30 —–

WORKSHOP SESSION 2 – Permaculture Alessandro, Oriol OR Creative kids in the house

—– LUNCH —–

—– 15:00 —–


  Gymkana / Fun and Games IN the River

—– 19:30 —–


—– 20:30 —–


—– 21:30 —–

 Cocktails and Sunset / Cócteles y Puesta del Sol 

—– 22:00 —–

Múscia en directo : Carpa Koi

—– 23:00 —–

DJ Badger (straight from the rock/Kampala) with dance floor mayhem, Ugandan beats and jump up classics.

DJ Aroaelectronica to get lost in… (para confirmar)

acabamos a las 2:30 (3:00 como muy tarde!) los que quieren seguir pueden coger el altavoz mas pequeño y ir dentro de la casa.

—– SUNDAY —–

—– 10:30 —–

WORKSHOP SESSION 1 – Acroyoga Kate and Marina OR Kid’s yoga with Aoife

—– 11:30 —–

Sketchy Moments – Jennie Ball – Tips and materials to practice/improve/have a go at sketching / Pautas, materiales para que puedas practicar o mejorar o simplemente disfrutar dibujar. (PARA CONFIRMAR)

—– from 12:00 —–


(local organic eggs, delicious home-made sausage, rosemary potatoes and spicy beans)

—– 15:00 —–

Info about the project / Departure


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.31.58

Singing – Singing group experience – a nice big music feel-good / experiencia divertida de cantar en grupo

tree climbing, with aviv from the Centro de Cultivos Contemporaneos del Barrio in Poble Sec

random goats in trees



kids painting

Creative Kids – Marion Gabert

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