Milk Monitors

JOBS over weekend 
Bar manager (this means make sure someone responsible (ish) is on the bar at all times. look after van key and check bar is stocked up. keep people out the way, keep an eye on the money, send for ice when needed and keep track of ice deliveries)
friday:  wayne price
saturday: jennie ball
toilet/bathroom monitor (can be gross but very little time required – change toilet buckets when full, top up toilet paper, make sure they aren’t trashed. check all toilets and bathrooms twice a day)
rubbish monitor (check bins aren’t overflowing, tell people how to recycle, pick up rubbish and tell others to, keep bin bags topped up)
saturday shift 1: maurice
saturday shift 2:
sunday shift 1: nathy
sunday shift 2:
stage manager (tell people when they are on, make sure they have the furniture/stuff they need beforehand)
friday:  jo marvel
ash trays (this requires arriving early – designing an ashtray system that works, and then maintaining them during weekend, and telling people off for throwing butts on the ground)
lighting manager (this requires arriving early, making sure all areas have decent lighting, and knowing where lights are in case they need to be moved, reaarranged) chris fraser
information sharing – timetables- events-pdf- maps (make sure info is around and that people know where and when stuff is happening. you may be allowed the megaphone occasionally)
parking – cars on site (keep an eye on cars and tell people to bugger off if they bring their cars up to the site. know where the wheelbarrow is and offer it) phil walsh
drivers to get people to river (after lunch on saturday we need to taxi people over to the river) booda, phil walsh
translator for treasure hunt  (this requires communication with theloveofit team beforehand and then making sure all spanish/catalan speakers know what is happening) ale tt

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