the Positive Impact Project

Boodaville’s aim is to provide the perfect outdoor holiday with an overall positive impact on people and planet…

             ….. that’s a big ask.

Have you always wanted to grow your own herbs? Get more involved with your local community? Or find out why organic vegetables are better? These are examples of the workshops we offer, in addition to eco-living and everything you’d expect from an outdoor adventure holiday.

The Boodaville “Positive Impact  Project” is about responsibly providing a stunning holiday destination, mountain adventures and fun. On top of this there is a learning element: guests can choose to do workshops  from a wide range available such as environmental/social issues, or practical tips to live less wastefully.

We don’t claim to be perfect, hence the name “project” and are always open to constructive criticism and new ideas.  but here are the main principles to help us achieve positive impact holidays:

environmental impact = we want the net carbon footprint of your holiday to be at least zero, (it could be positive if you make some long-term lifestyle changes following a workshop).
social impact = during your stay you will get to know life in a rural Aragonese town while spending time in a small group of like-minded people. Debate, discussion and cooperation are encouraged and  many of the available workshops have social themes including inequality, activism and community action.
economic impact = prices are based on the costs of sourcing all our food, materials and guides locally and fairly. We like the idea of exchange without using money, however, so bargain with us!

health impact = delicous food combined with outdoor activities – you’ll come home glowing.

The long-term changes encouraged in the workshops always involve healthier happier living, and usually economic savings too.

Vall Rovira, Aragon, Spain
Tel: (+34) 659212129

you tell me:

if you are feeling inspired and have any ideas, projects, building, writing or creating you think would work here i’m always open to suggestions like clay ovens, treehouses, art installations, poetry…. [email subject: you tell me]

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