get involved!

¡ involucrate !

I want to organise stuff  / quiero apoyar con tareas organizativas

great! genial!

  • we are organising a fundraiser in Barcelona for Saturday the 25th February 2017, next step: meeting and writing a to do list! email me if you’d like to help make this awesome. estamos organisando un evento para ganar dinero para la asociación en Barcelona el dia 28 de febrero 2017. próximo paso: una reunión para crear lista de tareas.
  • we also need a team to organise the boodaville festival 26 – 28 May 2017 next step: get in touch with people we want to offer music and workshops. también necesitamos un equipo para organisar el boodaville festival 26-28 mayo 2017  próximo paso: contactar con la gente que queremos que vengan con musica y talleres.

send me an email telling me how many hours a week you can spare us and if there’s anything specific you’d like to do 🙂 enviarme un email para decirme cuantas horas la semana puedes ofrecer y si hay algúna tarea especifico quieres hacer 🙂

work at Boodaville in 2017

  1. We are looking for people to lead Live Permaculture weeks  Including application of the permaculture design:
  • Put doors on the new house
  • Construction of a wooden floor geodesic dome for the new outdoor dining area.
  • If you have a skill to offer feel free to make a proposal

2. We are looking for long-term volunteers to live on site, minimum one month, starting April 2017. Living costs to be covered by income from events that volunteers help organise.

3. We often need kitchen management/support during courses.

trabajar con nosotros en 2017

  1. Buscamos a gente para liderar las semanas Vive Permacultura
  • Aplicación del diseño de permacultura
  • Poner puertas en la nueva casa.
  • Construcción de un suelo de madera en el domo geodesico que será un nuevo comedor.
  • Si tienes un idea / o aptitude y quieres proponer algo me puedes contactar: Anna

2. Buscamos a voluntrios de largo plazo (mínimo un mes) a partir de Abril 2017.

3. A veces necesitamos jefe de cocina o apoyo en la cocina durante cursos.

become 1/4 of the project 

not something to be taken on lightly – in the future the project will be split into 4 parts, with four different people / family units working as a cooperative, and living as a community. I will be 25% of Boodaville, if you share the values of the project then find out more about how to become part of it by getting in touch with Anna –

únete al boodaville project y estar uno de cuatro unidades familiares en la cooperativa, viviendo en comunidad. Yo llevaré 25% del proyecto y si compartes nuestros valores y quieres estar otro 25% me puedes contactar para más información. Anna –

Take on an internship with the Boodaville Project 

this is a new idea, if you have an interest in sustainability and are looking for experience in marketing please email

prácticas: esto es un idea nuevo, si tienes interés en el tema de sostenibilidad y buscas prácticas en marketing enviarme un email

come to an event

ven a un evento

start a conversation with me

anna –

hablar con migo  anna –


3 thoughts on “get involved!

  1. I am trying to end you a message regarding volunteer opportunities but I can’t get your email address. Please contact me on my mail below so I can get in touch.

  2. Hi there. I am really interested in the project and would like to visit you. I am part of a group of 4 trying to buy a piece of land in Spain. The place we wanted is not going smoothly and I am thinking of alternatives.I am a creative type but also practical. Would be great to see what you are doing and help out for a bit.. much good thoughts Beverley

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