Example menu:

Breakfast :

Buffet style with muesli, yoghurt and honey, organic fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, and a selection of teas and coffee.

Mid-morning : 

Pan con tomate with local goat’s cheese and olives and refreshing tea, with rosemary picked straight from the land.

Lunch : 

Apple, raisin, and feta salad with rice, served with mixed green leaves including local wild herbs, and a selection of Boodaville-baked flat breads.

Afternoon : 

English tea and locally-made almond cake

Dinner :

Lamb from Marie-Carmen’s farm in a slow-cooked tagine with couscous, followed by melon, Aragonese sweet biscuits and desert wine. (vegetarian dish – chickpea and apricot tagine)

* All food is responsibly sourced, local and/or organic.

* A meal or snack with meat/fish is available most days

* Please inform us of any special dietary requirements when you make your booking

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