what workshops can you offer us?

(en castellano abajo)
Are you interested in running activities/workshops at the festival this year 17th-19th May?
Next week we are putting together the poster and we’d like some catchy titles for activities that will attract people to this awesome weekend. If you’re interested, but not ready to commit at this early stage that is fine – it just means you won’t make the poster! let me know what you are thinking
At each session guests will have a choice of doing something purely for fun, or something to do with sustainability education. these are the suggestions from you and some ideas from me of things i would like to offer
Zach? – mediation
Fiona? – yoga
Alfred – permaculture 
Anna gurney – what is the boodaville project
Stefan / Aniol – intoduction to social money/ eco-xarxa?
Marta/ Mas la llum – ecoxarxa
Jo, Phil Kerry –  the love of it
noah – improv 
aviv – tree climbing 
ale – music improvisation
THINGS I WANT TO OFFER BUT NEED ORGANISERS : making something, zumba dancing or similar, …..
The weekend will be structured so there are workshop sessions at 11am and 7pm on saturday (the love of it will be running saturday afternoon), and at 11am and 1pm on sunday.
There will also be early morning slot for yoga/meditation/tai chi/ something calm. The sessions will be no longer than 1.5 hours – so plan carefully
The deal is that one facilitator for each workshop is invited to a ticket and gets the transport paid – so if you want to come for free, organising an activity is a good option but you should move quickly people!
estamos buscando a gente que nos pueden ofrecer talleres durante el festival
vamos a publicar info y emepzar a vender entradas la semana que viene, y queremos tener cosas que molan para promover el evento. (si te interesa hacer algun actividad pero no puedes confirmar en este momento, ningún problema – solo significa que no entra en el poster!)
cada session la gente pueden escoger algo que es solo para diversion, o algo sobre sostenibilidad. en color arriba puedes ver  las suregencias hasta ahora
hay sesiones a 11h y 19h el sabado, y 11h y 13h el domingo. yoga/meditacion va a estar por la mañana el sabado y domingo. las sesiones dura maximo de 1.5 horas


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