Latest festival news! últimas noticias del festival!

Short video with highlights from last years party!

come prepared people!!!

it looks like it will rain for a couple of hours each day – but it’s very variable! definitely a better  forecast than and barcelona and i’ve managed to get us a 10m by 7m marquee!!

the site is pretty wet right now, and i just set a couple of adventurers off to the site in the pouring rain in barcelona… there’ll be about 10 of us on site tomorrow putting up decorations – join us if you like!

and heres the line up in more detail


a partir de las 9pm –

Muisca en directo con Peyoti for President, Matt Monaghan y  después deejays (musica – exitos de españa y global)


8am – Yoga

10am  – “Introduction to the Boodaville project” with Anna Gurney

10am  – Escalar arboles

12 – Materiales sostenibles con Ryan Frank

12 – Hula – hooping

2pm  – Gymkana con “The Love of It”

7pm  –  Construcción de un sofá con la tecnica de tierra comprimido

7pm   – Taller de baile y expression (Extatic Dance)

a partir de 9pm

musica por varios deejays (musica pop, electro swing y electronica)


8am – Improvisación musical – experimentos con voz en un sitio especial

10 am – dibujo

10 am – Introducción a permacultura

12  – Improvisación

12 – introducción a moneda social

1pm – improvisación musical con instrumentos acusticos y un concierto

13th May 2013 :

we’re nearly there!!! the bathrooms and washrooms are ready, the signs are printed and we’ve got people on site decorating and preparing from tomorrow!

oh and, rather importantly, we tested the electriciy system and it’s working

chris fraser has added his name to the workshop list – we are going to build a rammed earth sofa!!! sounds pretty amazing to me

and details of bus transport are now on the blog – the bus leaves bcn at 16:15 on friday 17th may and returns at 20:50 on the sunday

casi estamos! ya tenemos baños y lavabos y voluntarios alli en boodaville. hay un nuevo taller de Chris que es contruir una sofá de tierra! y también hay detalles del bus aqui

2nd May 2013 :

last weekend was fun… it rained and we did some, but not very much, work. my fashion sense was on fire though

photo (2)

and this weekend there are about 12 of us!!?? vayaaa empieza la fiesta ya!

25th April 2013 :

some random stuff i need for the festival – a toilet seat, rakes, a 12v inverter, some cable/wire not too thin, a gong, bunting, can anyone help me here??? this party is a collaboration between many many people… maybe you too! (nearly) full line-up here :

24th April 2013 :

a group of us made a shade structure and benches in the sun last weekend… the site is looking better every week – pictures here

unfortunately the offer of a super pedal power soundsystem has fallen through, which means we are back to the old plan of charging batteries, and making our own bike generators.. anyone got battery powered amplifiers we can borrow? i think a few of those as back up would be a good plan!

i’m hoping to have a bunting making session next week, and i’ll be in touch with all you workshop leaders soon to ask if you want to promote anything in the yurt of information!

14th April 2013 :

we have about 40 tickets left… and huge thanks to those of you who bought VIC tickets (very important contributor) we may yet create a velvet rope area just for you…

there are more and more people offering workshops! in addition to the published line up we have Ale Fernandez doing music improvisation, and Stefan Blasel giving us an introduction to the idea of an alternative economy… and if there’s too many workshops to fit in between the partying then you’ll just have to come back to boodaville another time to catch up 🙂

10th April 2013 :

we’ve got 5 people signed up for our big weekend on the 20th april!! – if anyone else wants to join us that would be great – let me know!

and we are getting organised for the food – we have a food team leader Devon who will be in charge of buying all the food for the weekend in advance! She has worked at communal kitchens at the burning man festival and will be bringing her experience to boodaville. all food on site can be bought at cost price, and we hope that many of you will get involved in some outdoor cooking. if you would like to be a member of the food team and learn about food preparation in the outdoors, please let me know and i’ll put you in touch with Devon –

¡¡NOW BUY YOUR TICKET!! (if you haven’t already)

somos 5 el fin de semana de 20 de abril, si quieres apuntarte enviarme un mail

y tenemos Devon, una chica americana con experiencia cocinando en el “burning man festival” para organizar todo la comida durante el finde. va a hacer las compras, y a lo mejor muchos de vosotros quieren ayudar con la preparacion. si te interesa trabajar como parte del “comission de comida” te pasaré el mail de Devon – avisame!

5th April 2013 :

i tracked down co-organiser Austin (in San Fransisco- but back soon!) to talk about the structures we want to build – tyres and concrete sounds like a plan to get some seriously strong poles and create a big shade/activity space. and we are looking for a simple design to make some benches (sustainable of course) if anyone has any ideas.

the weekend of 20th April will be a big building weekend – anyone is welcome, there are at least 5 of us already so it should be heaps of fun – sign up with anna –!

21st March 2013 :

we found some awesome supporters in Barcelona and have brought the costs down a lot – the new ticket price is 25 euros! which frankly is a bargain considering the range of activities, lovely people and dancing music you’ll be enjoying over the weekend. buy them here – if you like the project and want to help out then buy the ticket now!! it’s really helpful for the organisers!  (tickets are transferable too!)

hemos encontrado apoyo de colegas en barcelona y los gastos han bajado bastante – ahora el nuevo precio de entrada es 25 euros! que es, francamente, una oportunidad cuando consideras las actividades, gente genial, y musica para bailar que vas a disfrutar durante el fin de semana. comprar aqui – si te gusta el proyecto y quieres apoyarnos comprar ahora! ayuda muco a los organisadores. (y las entradas pueden estar cambiados entre personas)

11th March 2013 :

we now have 40 people on the list for this special celebration… including theloveof it, djs, permaculture experts, activists, sustainability gurus, dome builders, musical instrument makers and players, bands that you may have heard on radio3.  the furious sessions are coming along as are big improv group, and bcnmes, aviv from his alternative cccb and all sorts of other interesting and brilliant people.  let’s get this on!

10th March 2013 :

Met Walter from Musica Zero CO2 and it’s not 100% yet, but as long as he has the dates free he’s bringing the full whack – pedal power, batteries, soundsystem, lights and a pair of solar panels too so maybe you don’t all have to pedal. Last year we were completely solar and pedal powered – let’s see if we can do it again….

6th March 2013 :

Me and Austin had a super meeting last night – planning the structures we’re going to build, writing lists about what’s going to happen in the different spaces, starting to think about feeding everyone… plans are for a much more collaborative effort this year, but more on that soon!

Huge thanks to Kerry Badger who’s stepped up to take on the role of bar manager after her awesome job back in 2011

27thFeb 2013 :

Pietro has confirmed! he’ll be performing and has offered a dj set as well!!

25thFeb 2013 :

tickets are now on sale!!  tickets are 25 euros…

comprar entradas a partir de ahora!  precio: 25 euros

11th Feb 2013 :

Can you bring us Zumba dancing? We are looking for people to offer all sorts of workshops and activities at the festival – there’s more info here, check it out!

Quien nos organiza uns sesión de bailar como locos? Buscamos a gente para facilitar cualquiera actividad divertido i taller  – mira mas información aqui

19th Jan 2013 :

Excellent news – our good friend and long time collaborator Rob Durand has booked his flights and will be coming to help out at the Boodaville Work Camp the weekend before the festival too!! He built the yurt crown back in 2010

Joe Medler – AKA DJ Greenfingers has passed some links so you can see what we’re in for :

Flavour background3

12th Jan 2013 :

Theloveofit are booked! 6 of them are coming over to rock the river and make sure we have our organised fun fix on saturday afternoon
Joe Medler electroswing and balkan dj who some of you know from Jhas also confirmed and on the lineup

29th Dec 2012 :

Hi everyone!  (en castellano abajo)
I’m posting this for anyone and everyone who might be interested in performing or running an activity at the Boodaville Festival 2013 (17th-19th May)


  • Boodaville is looking to confirm musicians, DJs and other performance artists
  • Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there


  • The 2013 Boodaville Festival has open slots for activities
  • We are offering this for anyone who is interested – is that you? Are YOU interested?
  • We want to offer a wide range of activities, including but not limited to workshops, creating things, doing things and going places
  • Send us your ideas, however unfinished they may be to let us know that you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there

In all cases, we will do our best to fit you all in our program

Saludos y felices fiestas a tots!!
Anna and Austin   (

Hola a tots!

este noticia es para cualquiera persona que puede ser interesado en actuar o facilitar a un taller en el Boodaville Festival 2013 (17 – 19 Mayo)


  • Boodaville busca músicos, deejays y otros tipos de arte en vivo 
  • Dinos algo si estas interesado, y seguiremos en contacto


  • El Boodaville Festival  2013 tiene un horario de actividades para llenar
  • Esta abierto para cualquiera persona que esta interesado – TU?  Puedes traer TU alguna actividad?
  • Queremos ofrecer ideas amplias que incluye talleres, crear cosas, hacer cosas, ir a sitios guay y más!
  • Envíanos tus ideas, igual si no están bien formadas!! y podemos ver quien es interesado y seguiremos en contacto

En cada caso intentaremos incluir tots en la programación

Saludos y felices fiestas!

Anna y Austin (


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