Linking rural and urban projects..

Boodaville Permaculture Education Project ha participado en el #aplec de #agriculturaurbana en Barcelona el 28 de octubre. He hablado de un nuevo curso que queremos ofrecer para crear vínculos entre lo rural y lo urbano: algunos días haciendo ecología profunda y diseño de permacultura en puro naturaleza en Boodaville, y luego unos días aplicando estas ideas en la ciudad y conociendo a proyectos urbanos. También he oído de proyectos muy interesante como TarpunaCoop, Jardins D’Emma de Barcelona Educahorts Educació Ambiental Para más info de eventos y actividades y para compartir tu evento ven al grupo de Permacultura Barcelona  

Grupo de fb : PB Eventos / communidad

Boodaville participated in the Aplec meeting about Urban Agriculture on the 28th October. I spoke about a new course we want to offer which creates links between rural and urban lifestyles – it will be a few days at Boodaville learning about deep ecology and permaculture design in a completely natural setting, then a few days in they city looking at how to apply these ideas in a urban context and visiting urban permaculture projects. We heard from some great urban projects at the Aplec, and if you want to see what is happening in Barcelona, or to publicise your eco event, join our facebook group PB ventos/communidad. 


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Living Permaculture Course 8 – 15 July

(en castellano abajo)

This was a really amazing week!! Thanks so much to everyone who came and enjoyed so much learning and doing with us. Especially to Marc Haetjens who was an excellent teacher and gave everyone the chance to use tools, work on the projects, and ask questions about anything and everything permaculture related, and to Zac who looked after people and kept the momentum going.

We worked on three main projects :

  1. Greywater mulch basin – We dug and mulched a 2m diameter mulch basin (to be pronounced for ever more in the french way (ˈbeɪsən ) 😉 ) A large fig tree will be planted in September because it is a species that especially enjoys greywater (from the kitchen sink – cooking and some washing up water), provides food, suitable for the climate, and offers shade. The water runs directly onto the straw mulch which works as a filter for the soap and food particles so they don’t enter the soil – the method is described in detail by Art Ludwig. 

I’ll post again soon with details of the other projects… 2. the tippee (or tractor) toilet, and 3. the zaïs, which are both designed to regenerate the soil and create excellent conditions for fruit trees, squash plants, bushes and other edible perennials….

¡¡We are now booking for our next course – two weeks,  7 – 21 April 2018! Read info here!!




Fue una semana increíble!! Gracias a todos que vinieron para disfrutar tanto el programa de aprender por hacer. Especialmente queremos dar gracias a Marc Haetjens, un profesor excelente y ha dado a todos la oportunidad de usar las herramientas, trabajar en los proyectos, y preguntar cualquier cosa de permacultura y el mundo, y a Zac que ha cuidado bien a los participantes y asegurar seguimiento del horario.

Hemos trabajdo en tres proyectos :

  1. Basin acolchada para aguas grises – Excavamos y pusimos acolchado en un basin (palabra francés  (ˈbeɪsən ) ;)). Plantaremos una higuera grande en septiembre porque es una variedad que le gusta aguas grises (de la cocina – agua de cocinar y parte del agua de lavar platos), también nos da comida, es apto para el clima y nos da sombra. El agua va directo encima de la acolchada de paja que funciona para filtrar jabón y partículos de comida para que no entren en el suelo – el metódo esta bien explicado por Art Ludwig. 

Pronto escribiré otra vez con detalles de los otros dos proyectos 2. el váter tippee (o tractor) y 3. los “zaïs” estas dos técnicas están diseñadas para regenerar el suelo y crear condiciones excelentes para árboles frutales, calabazas, arbusotos y otros preniales comestibles…

¡¡Reserva tu plaza ahora para el próximo curso 7 – 21 de abril 2018! mas info aquí!!! 

Some comments from participants on our last course!

“I had an amazing time with you guys and really enjoyed learning something more about permaculture. Thank you Mark for making this so relaxed and interesting. Thank you Ana for making all of this happen and giving us the oportunity to learn.” Eli

“I want to thank everyone for such an amazing week!! I had an amazing time and I really feel that I’ve learnt a lot and left with loads of new ideas to think about and investigate.” Debora

“I miss you all!!! Jejeje it has been a plesure sharing this week of learning, desconecting from daily rutines and meeting such as especial people as you all.” Dorleta

Living Permaculture Courses – ¡Next course April 2018!


Permablitz and party..


Our last event of the year was a permablitz implementing Natural Farming methods with Kate Curtis and an awesome party in the dome afterwards. Our best event yet! Helen wrote a blog post about it here .

El último evento del año fue un “permablitz” trabajando en técnicas de agricultura natural y regenerativa y una fiesta genial en el domo. El mejor evento hasta ahora!!! Hay una entrada en el blog Living in the Future (en inglés) escrito por Helen Iles

End of season Permablitz Party



(en castellano abajo)

We’ve had an incredible year at Boodaville and achieved so much – geodesic dome!, festival, kitchen roof, successful funding application, became an association, regenerative farming, hundreds of participants and volunteers. This is absolutely the longest year of my life and we are going to end the 2016 season with a BANG. So join us on the 29th October for an amazing get together to plant trees, spread seeds and dance under the stars.

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Practical course with Oriol Ferrando

Days 1, 2 and 3! See detail of the permaculture work in the gallery! Hay detalle del trabajo en la galería!



“Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange

We built a dome!! An amazing 9 day Erasmus+ program, working with a fantastic team and a wonderful group of young, and not so young participants. Thank you so much to Jordi Cavaller Badia, Chuchi, Carlos, Bernat, OJ, Alberto and Kate for making this happen and to all the participants for their energy, positivity, ability to adapt to basic living and very hot conditions (41º on 2 days, but don’t get me started talking about climate change) and their openness and great collaboration.

Guest writer – Claudia, one of our participants from Portugal has written about her experience:

Hey this is Cláudia (pt) from Boodaville Summer 2016. We are in our last day before departure, trying to make everything beautiful for our final presentation with some guests here in our place.

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Dome course – day 1

We’re all here! After a late rush to find participants due to a cancellation we have a full course and have spent the day getting to know each other.. with people from 10 different countries!

The participants have recovered from the initial shock of living in nature and are already looking comfortable with alternative living – some girls are still wearing make-up I applaud them if they keep that up for the full 9 days with such small mirrors 😉

As i write they are team-building and actually building a metal dome structure to be our chill-out space and yoga zone – up in the forest. I’ll post some photos of their successful work tomorrow….