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At the Riberola Festival on 7th October Boodaville ran an Intro to Permaculture workshop and we did a practical planting seeds of 3 different types of trees, which have properties such as – drought resistant, fast growing, providing food for animals, (Jujube is edible for humans too), fixing nitrogen, resistant to high and low temperatures, don’t have loads of pests. The trees are Honey Locust, Jujube and Italian Buckthorn.

We left the seeds in vinegar for a few hours (ideally it would be overnight) and we scratched the surface of the seeds.. this imitates the natural process of the seeds being chewed by animals then in their acidic stomachs for a while.

Here is the picture of the seeds on the 10th November.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 09.15.12

Honestly I have no idea whether anything growing there is the beginning of a tree. I mean I can see what is grass, but the other little things sprouting… I’m not sure!! What I did notice before I pulled out most of the grass is that the one pot with a bit of straw mulch, upper right of the photo you see? That pot had 5 times as much grass as the others. (yes.. i should have taken that picture!!)

¡¡¡THE GAME!!!!  : SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! between the three pictures 🙂


Winter Seedlings Photo 1
Winter Seedlings Photo 1
Winter Seedlings Photo 2
Winter Seedlings Photo 2
Winter Seedlings Photo 3
Winter Seedlings Photo 3

And here’s an explanation of what’s going on in these pictures. The level of detail to which we plan every step of the design is incredible to me. There’s so much to think about… I mean it took me weeks to find out which trees would be good to plant and to then collect the seeds. Luckily other permaculturists around have given me some seeds and helped out with that bit – Gerald gave me Honey Locust pods to take out the seeds, Alessandro told me about the Italian Buckthorn on the outskirts of Barcelona, and Richard gave me a bag of Jujube fruit he had collected from a tree about 10km from Boodaville.

The next step is leaving the seeds to grow over winter. They need water, they mustn’t freeze, and some sunshine would be good. Here are some of the things I thought about when I set them up like this

  1. Near the thermal mass wall of the house to prevent freezing
  2. Straw insulation
  3. Leave the crate a little bit away from the wall so none of the trees stay dry under the overhanging roof
  4. Leave the crate directly on the ground so there is drainage and they won’t get flooded in a storm
  5. No straw between the wall and the crate as the wall is the warm bit
  6. Relatively wind protected location
  7. Location that gets sun from 1pm until half an hour before sunset
  8. Overhanging tree will also help prevent frost
  9. Stones to help keep straw in place
  10. The changes I made between photos 1 and 3 in your spot the difference game were the last things I adjusted.


Thank you so much to Gerald in Albinyana for teaching me all of this!! and any comments, suggestions to people who’ve managed to read this far are very very welcome!!

Permablitz and party..


Our last event of the year was a permablitz implementing Natural Farming methods with Kate Curtis and an awesome party in the dome afterwards. Our best event yet! Helen wrote a blog post about it here .

El último evento del año fue un “permablitz” trabajando en técnicas de agricultura natural y regenerativa y una fiesta genial en el domo. El mejor evento hasta ahora!!! Hay una entrada en el blog Living in the Future (en inglés) escrito por Helen Iles

Practical course with Oriol Ferrando

Days 1, 2 and 3! See detail of the permaculture work in the gallery! Hay detalle del trabajo en la galería!



“Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange

We built a dome!! An amazing 9 day Erasmus+ program, working with a fantastic team and a wonderful group of young, and not so young participants. Thank you so much to Jordi Cavaller Badia, Chuchi, Carlos, Bernat, OJ, Alberto and Kate for making this happen and to all the participants for their energy, positivity, ability to adapt to basic living and very hot conditions (41º on 2 days, but don’t get me started talking about climate change) and their openness and great collaboration.

Guest writer – Claudia, one of our participants from Portugal has written about her experience:

Hey this is Cláudia (pt) from Boodaville Summer 2016. We are in our last day before departure, trying to make everything beautiful for our final presentation with some guests here in our place.

Continue reading ““Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange”

Preparing for the radiant floor

UPDATE ON THIS:::  We are going to do it in October, not as a workcamp, so anyone can come along to help out and learn with Eloy and Joaquim. I’ll post dates as soon as it’s confirmed!

After two years of gravel we are finally going to put the radiant floor in the new house! Join us and learn the process from 10 – 24 September!

Facilitators :

Anna Gurney – Founder of Boodaville, Permaculture teacher and practitioner

Eloi – Many years experience building radiant floors, and teaching heating, materials and building deisgn.

Joaquim Pardet – decacdes of experience as a builder/eco-builder and expert in organic agriculture

Oriol Ferrando – Permaculture teacher with a diploma in Permaculture Design.

Después de 2 años con grava— finalmente vamos a construir el suelo radiante en la casa nueva! Ven a Boodavillle y aprender el proceso de 10 a 24 de Septiembre!

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#permacultura #bioconstrucción #tierra #sueloradiante #diseñodesistema

Permaculture design work/Boodaville progress – June 2016

Click on the pictures to see explanations (solo inglés 😦 ) of what our wonderful volunteers have been up to this month – thanks so much to Karolis, Julian, Lou, David (again!), Gerome, Olga and Mara. Come back any time (again!) and huge thanks to OJ our site manager.

the kitchen roof

We have had an amazing month in May and I really can’t thank our workcamp crew enough.. this is the work of an awesome team who had never met each other before they started work on Monday 16th May but were like family by the time they finished on Saturday 21st may  (Tuesday 24th may to get the roof placas on). Two years after we first attempted this structure it is great to have it done.. and was just in time for the hailstorm during the festival 😮

I am constantly blown away by the brilliant people that come and get involved at Boodaville, and it is these brilliant people that make the project work, but Martin, Ondrej, Rob, Beth, Pablo, Olivier, David, Chloe, Alice, Quim, Nicola, you are exceptional and Boodaville will never forget you 🙂 Thank you


Boodaville 2016 Calendar:

Our full 2016 calendar is now published on the web!! // El calendario de todos nuestros eventos esta ahora en el web



April 16 – 23 : Applied Permaculture Design Workcamp / Campo de trabajo Aplicación de la Permacultura  : Alessandro Ardovini – Food Forest, water retention landscapes and regenerative agriculture.

April 29 – May 1 : Restorative Weekend Retreat / Retiro regenerativo fin de semana

May 7 – 14 : Radiant floor Workcamp / Campo de trabajo suelo radiante

May 14 – 21 : Carpentry Workcamp / Campo de trabajo carpintería


June 3 – 5 : Restorative Weekend Retreat / Retiro regenerativo fin de semana

June 11- 18 : Applied Permaculture Design Workcamp / Campo de trabajo Aplicación de la Permacultura

July 1 – 3 : Restorative Weekend Retreat / Retiro regenerativo fin de semana

July 10 – 18 : Curso de Permacultura en Família

August 19 – 21 : Restorative Weekend Retreat / Retiro regenerativo fin de semana


(Provisional programme for August – October)

August 22 – 31 : Erasmus + Geodesic Dome course

September 3 – 10 : Applied Permaculture Design Workcamp / Campo de trabajo Aplicación de la Permacultura

September 16 – 24 : Permaculture Barcelona / Boodaville –  Erasmus+ Permaculture Course

September 30 – October 2 : Restorative Weekend Retreat / Retiro regenerativo fin de semana

October 8 – 22 : Applied Permaculture Design Workcamp / Campo de trabajo Aplicación de la Permacultura

We’re feeling inspired here at Boodaville and looking forward to a year of learning and doing programs, please join us for some great experiences!

Abrazos from

Anna, Carlos, Alessandro, Oceanne, Ondrej and the rest of our 2016 team