food and facilities

more detail later, but basically:

food – you can buy food during “mealtimes” thali cafe on friday night, during other mealtimes there’ll be nice sandwiches, a bcn chef gemma will hopefully do some chick pea/couscous salad meals,

anyone fancy making a bit of cash and coming down to sell stuff? prices must be loowwww. 1.50 for a sarni, 3 -4 euros for a plate

drink – cold cans and bottles of wine available most of the time from the bar – 1 euro a can, 3 euro a bottle of wine.  i’ll try to provide water and soft drinks to buy too

also a classy wine bar where you can sample a range of spanish wines

toilets – will be rural, but sophisticated and smell free. you’ll see

showers – you can wash with a flanel and a bowl of water in the bathroom, but no showers. get in the river!

shops/cafes/petrol station– you can drive 5 mins into town for supplies/normal toilets

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