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Dear readers of this Boodaville blog,

Together with spring the Boodaville season has started in April. But our adventure as ECS volunteers at Boodaville has just begun. Adam, Maria, Santiago and me, Inge, have been selected as this years long-term volunteers with Claudia and Gala as our much needed mentors. We are all super excited and honoured to become a part of this beautiful place and meet all the amazing people connected to it. For the coming seven months we will live at Boodaville and in Caseres. We will be working at the site, be active on social media and hope to become part of, and make new, networks with other permaculture projects.

For me personally these first two weeks as a Boodaville volunteer have already made a huge impact on me. Meeting my fellow volunteers, Claudia, Anna, and all the others who are passionate about permaculture and Boodaville has been the best of experiences. Leaving my old life, my family and friends behind for seven months has been both exciting and hard. Jumping into an unknown situation like this project should be. I can now honestly say that having the right people around you makes taking a huge step like this so much easier. The philosophy of permaculture is not only obvious in the way Boodaville is designed but also in the way we work together as a group. We seek solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Our differences are not important, we all respect each other and focus on those things that connect us.

So please follow us if you are interested in our journey and the amazing thing we are planning this season for Boodaville. We will post content on this blog, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. We will also be present at the coming Maranya festival. Hope to see you there!

Day 2 Let’s Regenerate

Starting the practical work in the future food forest.. the chopped grass was raked to the side to be used later, and we brought a machine to turn the soil, not very deeply. This is a one time intervention to decompact and add organic matter to the soil. The participants are great and didn’t want to stop working for lunch!!


Let’s Regenerate! starting in 2 days!

(en castellano abajo)

We are busy getting prepared for the Erasmus+ funded youth exchange starting on Monday!!

It’s brilliant to be working with the community and local government in Caseres.. I had a great meeting with the mayor yesterday and now have the keys to two different public buildings in the village that we are using! We are going to have the documentary night in the cinema!! That will be a huge step up from using a tiny projector in the valley at Boodaville. The team are busy buying food, setting up beds and preparing the Boodaville site… “production”!! and Kate has done great work on the design for the Regenerative Agriculture Food Forest project, and an absolutely amazing job of organising all the material, tools, trees, plants, seedlings and everything else we need to make it happen.

This is THE most exciting project we have ever done!! Integrating the Youth in Permaculture team with Boodaville, integrating the work we do with the local community (our group will go with the locals to do a river clean up on Sunday!), and creating a real example of a different type of agriculture which actually regenerates the natural systems as well as providing food.

On Monday 15th April at 11am we have a public event to present the agriculture work, please come along, meet us and see what we are doing! (thegurney@gmail.com for info)

Here’s a summary of the activity :

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Solidaridad Poble Sec / Fiesta Boodaville!

On Sunday 17th April we invited locals from Poble Sec to visit and enjoy this stunning community garden. People were amazed that such a space exists, and enjoyed the feeling of leaving the city. Carpa Koi played a concert and the wonderful MiNOA gave a DJ set… They both want to come to the Maranya Festival this year!!! We hope they can..  You can keep up with festival news in the facebook group to find out who’s playing 🙂

We ran an “upcycling” workshop at the event, and had representatives from the youth #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture movement sharing information about this passionate and growing campaign to force governments to #tellthetruth and take urgent action on the global crisis we face as the climate and ecosystems of our planet are breaking down.

We also did the Boodaville Random Prize Raffle draw!! Thanks to everyone who supported us. Between the raffle and the donations received we raised a total of  €631 over the last 5 weeks which will go to the next steps in the development of the Permaculture Education site at Boodaville. The winners are listed below..

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Carlos (Zaragoza) – Drone video.. Carlos has asked for a drone video of the festival! Donating his prize right back to the Association 🙂

Anand  (Barcelona) – Painting from Familia Feliz

Jo M (Barcelona) – Puppet video

Jelly (Barcelona) – Birdwatching

Fer (Barcelona) – Maranya Festival tickets and camping

Marc (truck driver) – Meditation course

Dagmar (Netherlands) – Nisa et moi earrings

Jessica (Bonastre) – BIG Improv tickets

Eline (BCN) – BIG Improv tickets

Amalla (BCN) – CD David Cevoli

Trang (BCN) – 2 non-camping Maranya Festival tickets

Guus (Netherlands) – Living in the Future films

Andrea (BCN) – The King and the Tree

Lois (Netherlands) Loiskelders at outlook.com Kid Hyena

Elaine (BCN) Carpa Koi CD

Fran (BCN) “Penyaflor” olive oil

Extra prizes –

Kid Hyena music – Carol from the huerto

English language card game – Kathy (BCN)

Mike (BCN) – Excursion and olive oil tasting with BioCaseres


Maranya Festival!

“Una experiencia ecológica para aprender, divertirse y enredarse”


Maranya or maraña represents our way of connecting people who believe in taking care of the planet, and creating a sustainable and conscientious way of life.

We invite you to spend three days getting tangled up in the games, workshops and music we offer this springtime in the Matarranya region of Spain.

This festival has its roots in Boodaville, a gathering that in recent years has offered a collaborative experience of fun and learning, also in the Matarranya region.

We want to celebrate, exchange ideas and weave networks. We want to create an open space for people to have fun and discuss the challenges that humanity faces together.

¡¡Maranya is a non-profit event that we are creating together!!

Tickets available here!

Maranya Festival (1)


#climatestrike Barcelona

I joined 10 000 others in Barcelona today to follow in Greta’s footsteps and ask governments to TAKE URGENT ACTION to prevent climate breakdown. // Con 10 000 gente en Barcelona hoy he seguido el camino de Greta en pedir ACCIÓN URGENTE de gobiernos para prevenir el cambio climático irreversible.

#fridaysforfuture #fridays4future #cities4climate #extinctionrebellion

Want to know more? Watch this!   // Quieres saber más? ver esto!

Fiesta Boodaville en Barcelona.. 17 de marzo!

the wonderful Carpa Koi in concert at an amazing blooming huerto in Poble Sec this sunday afternoon!!  Join us.. we invite you to merienda, music and loveliness.

(the event page doesn’t do it justice really!! haha but we’re also organizing a climate strike for tomorrow so it is what it is)

looking forward to seeing you!