road cycling

suggested date : 26-27th november

on the via verde near Bot

day 1: train to mora la nova, cycle 45km across the Terra Alta on the N-420 to boodaville to eat and sleep there.

day 2: cycle cross country on 15km of well kept dirt tracks to Bot, then on the via verde 10km to mel and jamie’s guest house for sunday lunch and a lift to the station to get back to bcn

more info on the route here – look at RT09 and RT10 we’ll be doing those.

this route is suitable for any reasonably fit cyclist.

accommodation : in a yurt or old house at boodaville – near a fire! there is no hot water unless you boil it up yourself so don’t expect a shower when you arrive

you need to bring : sleeping bag, food and snacks for riding time, warm clothes, cycling gear,

provided : basic accommodation and firewood šŸ™‚ dinner on saturday, breakfast sunday, and late lunch when we arrive on sunday.

interested? join us! get in touch with anna –

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