Actua como un bosque – fotos y comentarios

Ya ha pasado más de un mes desde que finalizó este curso y fue una semana genial. Participamos 16 personas que quedamos perfectamente ubicadas alrededor de la mesa de comer. Aparte compartimos ideas e inspiraciones durante el tiempo que estuvimos juntos. Alfred Decker y Kat Ainger hicieron clases y actividades geniales sobre los principios de permacultura – bajo las nubes, después la lluvia, y por fin el sol los dos últimos días. Fuimos al parque natural para tomar un baño hermoso, comimos alimentos deliciosos y aprovechemos el tiempo libre de las tardes para divertirnos, relajarnos, cortarnos el pelo (!) y conocernos. Pero ante todo, los participantes salieron inspirados, motivados y preparados para tomar acción en sus propios vidas!

Mas info sobre el curso AQUI!

Comments from participants :


All the teachers were so interactive it was brilliant. The topics we covered were interesting, inspiring and well explained. A good balance between permaculture and other subjects.

Great fun, excellent subject material.

I learnt a s***load without feeling like it was too much.

Practical Stuff:

I thought this course was amazing value for all that I have learnt, experienced and eaten.

All the meals were genuinely excellent

Me gustó que Anna ha pensado mucho en todos las detalles

The food was amazing.

It was a great experience and i loved every minute of it, i feel i’d like more of everything!

Impact of the course:

Such an inspiring course, can’t wait to get my teeth into the Permaculture design course.

Everyone change my life so strongly and it made me sooo happy :) I stopped using my car to go to work!

I’m still buzzing from such a fabulous few days. I think everything I’ve learned is going to have a profound impact on my life.

Thank you so much for the energy that we have created this week together, i bring it back with me and i’ve started to do activism with all people that I meet (giving references, books, and video to my customers)

You’re all just too inspiring! Looking forward to seeing photos from the course and, of course, keeping each other pumped to kick ass on our own journeys.

Thank you all for your inspiration and your energy! It was an amazing time!
I already did my first steps and i will start a small permaculture garden on the farmland of my parents. Probably i will start to plant next spring so i have enough time to read and learn more about permaculture and gardening.

This course really changed my life. I hope all of you are in bloom! Carry on with your dreams and make them real!

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in this course. My life is about to change drastically, and while I am spending the winter on this new adventure, I will be holding on to my memories from this amazing week, and will hopefully have time to think about how to make future courses even better….

Much love to you all! Anna

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