arts weekend – review and testimonials

overall it was a huge success – which i’m sure was credit to having such a lovely group of people. the food was delicious and in all about 80% was organic, or locally made or fair trade. the improvisation workshops sounded hilarious (i was stuck in the kitchen and could hear them laughing from up top!!) and the walking, river trip and yoga fitted in perfectly.

i completely love it when visitors get as energised and excited about the land as i am – and i thought it was brilliant that Fiona et al decided to get up at 7 on sunday for a silent walk up to a rock with a view to do a meditation.

what guests had to say:

“It was truly an awesome weekend with some truly awesome people and I hope we’ll all do it again someday. Thank you Anna!!” – Scott

“I found the conversation really enrichening and inspiring across the whole weekend and you all took really well to the Improv – it was great fun!” Matt Kemp (workshop leader)

“It was truly a wonderful weekend and unlike anything I’ve done since moving to Barcelona. Thanks to all of you for making it so fun and supporting my first attempts at improv” -Iva

my other highlights –

hearing shouting from the workshops where people were loving the empty outdoor space to let rip

people who wouldn’t normally do that sort of thing admitted that they enjoyed pooing with a view ;)

matt‘s opening song in the yurt (we took our concert inside and lit a fire – extreme cosiness!)

jumping in the river (let’s face it, i wouldn’t have gone in if i was on my own. i don’t care what you say Brian, it was freezing)

click here for info on upcoming events

and here for more details on what we did during this eco-living and performing arts weekend.

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