other ways to visit the project

 version en castellano

apart from the programmed events you can visit any time of year in the following ways:


anyone is welcome as a guest at boodaville. all i ask is that you for pay your transport and your share of the food/activity costs. you are not expected to work, but enthusiasm and helping out are encouraged. if people can help out financially, a voluntary contribution towards site maintenance is much appreciated. (suggested amount = 5 euros per night) please contact anna by email to arrange dates: thegurney@gmail.com


the reference number for this site is 892


i sometimes need people to take care of the place and water plants while i am away – if you’d like to have the place to yourselves and appreciate the stars peacefully, please get in touch! thegurney@gmail.com

the google events calendar

team yurt

previous events and reviews :


4 responses

5 10 2011

Hi there,

I’m moving to Barcelona next week and would really like to get involved with some of the activities you have going on, even if just to lend a helping hand. What you are doing sounds great!


5 10 2011

Hi Jenni, great to hear from you! i’m busy with the arts weekend for the next few days – it’s full now i’m afraid – but drop me an email (thegurney@gmail.com) when you are in barcelona and we can choose a weekend that would suit you, any helpers are always welcome to come and visit and learn about the project,



2 11 2011
Gregory A Franklin


When’s boodaville 2012? My niece might be visiting me in London in May.



2 11 2011

hello greg!!! nice to hear from you. i haven’t officially announced the dates yet, but it will be the weekend of 25th may 2012. hope that works 🙂 xx

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