Towards Sustainable Living and Self-reliance

Comments from particpants:  (these made us smile and made it all worthwhile, thank you!)

“I know that I marked almost everything as perfect, but not because I would be lazy, but because everything was perfect… 🙂 So I want to say THANK YOU to all the organizers, for everything!!!”

“I can only recommend this exchange for everybody: a good mixture of learning (about yourself, about nature and about other cultures).”

“I understood the idea of permaculture, got new project ideas related to ecology and biodiversity and learned new methods and tools of non formal education”

“The most important is (I think) that all of us started to THINK… even those who doesn’t believe in alternative way of living started to Think… It is a new fresh start for all of us! A begining of something enormous! The change :)”

“Thank you, all of you! You made this experience incredible and motivated to move forward and change this world bit by bit. See you :)”

“It was a wonderful experience. It was a great combination of learning and having fun in the same time, I think the program was really well balanced. I really liked the sessions, they were useful, and I liked that they were interactive and we could think together and participate. Some of the topics were not totally unknown for me, but it was very useful to see everything in a system, and how they are linked and connected to each other. Meeting all the people was also a great experience, it made me more open-minded and tolerant. This all gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration to believe in my dreams and to try to make a difference in our world, and share my knowledge :)”

“This project was a turning point to my conscious lifestyle, actually. I am still living with the spirit of this project and this time it might really last for a very long time.”

“Please organize more and more similar projects and help earth, nature and humans. Good luck”

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