Boodaville Sustainability Education Starter Kit

At Boodaville we offer a range of workshops on different aspects of sustainable living, from permaculture design to calculating your ecological footprint, and we are developing a digital resource pack with high quality information and lesson plans for each theoretical session we teach. The pack is designed to help workshop leaders and teachers, as well as provide an overview of different issues of sustainability.

There is so much information on the web that trying to filter out unreliable data and avoid bias from search engines is a difficult task. We believe a selection of the best, most up to date information from reliable sources is the only starting point for any workshop, presentation, or group activity on environmental and social issues related to sustainability. Since we are dedicated to providing high quality courses on these topics we are in a good position to create and constantly update a valuable resource pack.

Rather than just sharing useful links, we will actively cut and paste and fully reference relevant sections to create simple and easy to photocopy worksheets, fact sheets and guidelines for facilitators. A large percentage of content will be related to explaining problems and then looking at small scale practical solutions – behaviours, and ideas to improve one’s own lifestyle. But another aim of the Boodaville approach to sustainability is to promote the idea that as well as individual actions (eg buying fair trade products) people should be aware of, and be actively involved in, at least one issue at a local and global level.

At a local level we will promote ideas related to participatory democracy and community action, which coincide with new secondary school courses such as “Global Perspectives” and empower young, and not such young people to have a say in their local environment.

Affecting change on a global level is a much more complicated issue and with many thousands of charities, social movements, NGOs to choose to support, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and hard to know which organisations are really going to make a difference.

Over the next year, we will be drawing on the knowledge of teachers, visitors and participants who come to Boodaville to try and filter out the most effective initiatives and organisations that active citizens may want to support. The idea is to generate concise information based on different topics identified through the more conventional discussion of sustainability, for example if we start with a discussion about water use, we will be able to provide information on a few good local and global campaigns and explain what they are doing and why.

The following people will be managing the development of these resources over the next year:

Alfred Decker

Since his first PDC in 1997 in California, Alfred has been involved with social movements and projects throughout Europe and the Americas. Having chosen to put down roots in Barcelona, he is currently working on a master’s degree in sustainable architecture and renewable energy (Centre for Alternative Technology); has founded a new local group, Permacultura Barcelona (; and is organising a forest gardens project at Can Masdeu (

In 2012 he joined the European Permaculture Council (, as well as the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership (, and in 2013 earned a Diploma in Permaculture Education and Community Development from the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute of Australia. So far he has taught in the U.S., Spain, Catalunya, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, and Greece, and he is always looking for more opportunities to teach. Alfred’s intention is to develop Permacultura Barcelona and help to spread permaculture throughout the Northeastern corner of the Iberian peninsula, as well as travelling to teach and collaborate on projects.

Anna Gurney,

Qualifications : Bsc Hons Psychology 2:1, PGCSE Sec, Ma International Development, Training in coaching and permaculture. Example of academic writing

Experience : 11 years Secondary school teaching in London, Mexico City and Barcelona (Maths, ICT, Ethics, Business Studies). 8 years journalism experience, writing on Latin American travel, social movements, environmental issues, activism. 4 years contributing to the alternative culture magazine BCNmes as an expert on environment and activism.

Activism : Member of Barcelona in Transition, Editor of an alternative events calendar in Barcelona, Member of the Ecoxarxa in Barcelona and Matarranya, Friend of the Corporate Europe Observatory, Subscriber to Red Pepper magazine, Founder of the Boodaville Project.

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