COVID / Capitalism / Collapse

It’s a short one this Friday as I’m on the train to go and be a builder at Boodaville. Ah I just realised it’s not Friday.

I’m taking the trip a day early because there’s a lot to get done, and also I think travel outside your municipality is restricted on Fridays and the police are often rude and verging on aggressive when they stop you, so I’d rather avoid that. Tomorrow I will be covered in mortar or mud or straw depending on which job I get to, so I’ll just publish today.

The world is talking about COVID and not climate breakdown or the sixth mass extinction happening around us.

The COVID crisis is highlighting the faults of capitalism* (just as the climate crisis and ecological collapse do when you pay attention to that)

My queation today is: How can we, as ecologists, use this new spotlight on the failings of capitalism as a springboard to system change?

We have to find a system that will allow us to survive and maybe one day thrive on our planet.


* 1) Profit and competition driving vaccine production rather than quality, safety, collaboration, or justice about distribution. 2) Money and economy more important than health, lives, and planets living systems 3) Inequality highlighted and increased by the relationship between socio-economic status and spread of the virus.

Book Club

In an attempt to have some sort of social life and a push to read fiction I accepted a friend’s invitation to start up a book club. I immediately suggested a non-fiction book (From What is to what if by Rob Hopkins.. nothing too academic!) which didn’t get selected this time. I am now reading (or attempting to read) fiction.

But it’s too irrelevant. I want culture that reflects the reality of our world. Novels that are written in the context of our task to avert ecological collapse. I just want to see this integrated in all aspects of our lives. I mean not every book written or read, but where are the fiction books that demonstrate the future in which we thrive?

Write your story (for example about about someone imprisoned in a hotel for political reasons) with a backdrop of a sustainable or even regenerative city. It’s not like if we thrive on this planet all the drama will disappear, there’s no such thing as a utopia for 8 billion people, we just need to vision things being done very differently to what most of us do today!!

To all the writers out there…. write that book!! Write any book, but call me and I’ll help you create the backdrop (bicycles not cars, car free city centres, harvesting your own food, socialising in the local community garden, exchange rather than buying). Haha today I’ve made myself laugh.. can you imagine?

Anyway there is a genre called “Solarpunk” which is that, and “Nature” which probably works. I’ll look them up for book club.

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