It’s Friday again.. elections / corruption / rain / spreading the love


So there were / are elections in the USA this week. Have you ever seen the film Idiocracy? It’s quite painful to watch but the message is interesting.

Anyway my great game of hiding away from finding out the election result didn’t work – because days later nobody has a result! Can humans organise anything well?

My thoughts on the world are pretty much summed up by this Guardian headline “Why are the different media reporting different election results?


George Monbiot has now written for three weeks in a row about the fact that what appears to be merely utter incompetence in the UK government’s handling of track and trace, is actually corruption. This is when you base decisions on which of your friends are going to make the most profit from people getting sick, rather than trying to actually stop people getting sick and stop the world collapsing.

In Spain the thing I’m totally stuck on is: Why didn’t they spend all of summer training people and increasing the capacity of the health system? Everyone knew this was coming. I have to say that I personally was camping and swimming in rivers, rather than harassing the government to take these measures. But I’m not someone who’s day job is keeping the country running. If there was more healthcare capacity, then we could be living more normal lives.

The difference between measures in Spain and UK is bizarre. As far as I understand in UK you are not allowed to meet other families on lockdown, not in public or in private houses. This is like torture for any family that has a 5 year old and a 1 year old. How would you deal with that? TV? As long as they are at school I suppose it’s not too bad. In Spain we are allowed to mix outdoors, and in houses in groups of up to 6.

The schools seem to be run differently too – and I have to congratulate the schools I know personally for doing a phenomenal job. In Spain the classes are kept separate from each other all day, masks are worn all day, the spaces have been rearranged – my daughters classroom is the auditorium for example, cupboards have been removed to make space. The pick up and drop off times are staggered so classes really do keep separate from each other. In Kira’s school there have only been, I think, 3 class shutdowns since the beginning of term. From what I read in GMs column and have learnt from UK friends, in the UK schools there are no masks in some schools pupils are mixing! Even though they are not allowed to see any friends at all outside of school. Bizarre world.

The corruption should be all over the media, but here we return to a theme of this blog – those who tell the news, those who get your attention, have the power. Have you noticed that BBC regular news broadcasts no longer mentions death rates and infection rates?

Rain and the human condition

It rained at Boodaville!!! We have been waiting for the rain for months, we have planted, we have nearly completely run out from the rainwater tank, and we were fully expecting and hoping for the rain. The rain came hard and now it’s too muddy to drive on the track to site.

During the entire dry period we didn’t fix the road. We knew the rain would make the track impassable, we had FIX THE ROAD in capital letters on the to do list. I sent one message a few weeks ago. Why didn’t we act on this? Why didn’t we prepare?

It’s this crazy human thing when we can’t get our head around the future being different from today, when it’s sunny you just feel like it will be sunny forever, we can’t imagine, we just sit and wait until it’s too late.

I did it with fixing the road, the government did it with COVID second wave, and the whole of humanity is doing it with Ecological Collapse.

Please watch the new Attenborough documentary. The Ecological Collapse is the only real news. It is happening already and it is certainly going to cause catastrophe.

Attenborough, and the wonderful documentary “Kiss the Ground” provide ideas and solutions. Find your active hope – don’t panic or despair, but allow yourself to grieve. Make small changes this week and set yourself on a path towards nature, regenerative cultures, real connections with people, real food, self-care. This is a beautiful reflection from Kate Martigner:

Supermarket Food is like a Tiger in the zoo

Real food is more expensive than supermarket food if you measure only in dollars. But here’s the thing: if you can measure its value in dollars, it’s not really real food.

The value of food was never meant to be measured. To measure something, you have to separate it out from the other things it’s connected to. As soon as you do that, it becomes a hollow copy of what it was before it was isolated.

No matter how good zoos get, a tiger is no longer a wild tiger when it’s in a zoo. It’s like a tiger, and it’s better than no tiger at all, but it’s just a copy of the real, wild thing as it was when it was part of the jungle.

So it is with food.

Industrialization reduced food to so many isolated, standardized, measurable units of commerce, instead of a complex, multi-faceted, and central part of life that reaches into and interconnects with every other part of life.

Real food not only feeds the stomach but also the relationships between the people working together in food related roles, and the relationships between people and the land and animals that gift us the food.

That’s how you know its real food: it builds connections and diversity, rather than destroying them.

Previously, real food connected people to each other, to the earth and the seasons, and to plants and animals in ways that sustained people’s health on physical, social, and spiritual levels while also sustaining the health of our environment and the web of life we are nested into.

Now, supermarket food is something you make choices about based on price.

Spreading the love

One of my new hobbies is sending thank you letters to people who’s work inspires me. As well as finding ways of sharing their ideas to my friends and contacts, I send a message to them as well. It’s amazing how many people reply! Everyone replies! I don’t even ask for a reply, I’m just saying thanks. This week I’ve had conversations with Rob Hopkins, Jonathan Dawson, Kate Martigner, and Shawn Klassen-Koop! Everyone loves a message that doesn’t require action, and spreads the love.

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