Boodaville 2020!! Ha llegado Jessica

Anna Louise and Jessica, the two faces of Boodaville 2020!! We are very happy that Jessica arrived from the Netherlands on Sunday and is now in quarantine while organising the place and working in the Food Forest. We’re standing in the same place in the pictures, me in 2012, Jessica today.

Anna y Jessica – las dos caras de Boodaville 2020!! Estamos muy felices que Jessica ha podido llegar de Paises Bajos el domingo y ahora esta haciendo cuarentena mientras organiza el sitio y hace trabajos en el Bosque Comestible. Estamos en el mismo sitio en las dos fotos, yo en 2012 y Jessica hoy!

Traveling in coronavirus crisis time
I postponed my travel as long as I could but earth is calling me. Last years planted foodforest needs attention.  
So after a lot of debating, preparing paperwork and 3 cancelled flights, number 4 took me straight to Barcelona. No checks in Amsterdam whatsoever. Just an electronic gate that approved my boardingpass and off I went. 
It was the first time I was together with so many people and I was surprised by the additutes of some of them. They didn’t have the right protective gear or simply left it hanging on their chins. But at least, nobody was coughing. 
The main challenge for my travels was the border check into Spain. Only essential travels are allowed and technically I am traveling for work but that doesn’t make me a Spanish resident… As I focussed on staying calm, convincing myself I am totally legal and I have all it takes to get in the country,  a man wearing a facemask and gloves works his way through my papers. Stops. Thinks. He nods. Approved. 
Nobody can see my smile under my facemask. What a relief. I’m in. Anna is waiting for me at the car loaded with food. It feels like Christmas to go through it all. Driving down to Boodaville, eating the lunch Anna cooked me, I realize how lucky I am.
I remember the feeling, first time Maja drove me to Boodaville in May 2018. Since that day I haven’t been away for more than 6 weeks. And now it had been 6 months! Before I even got to Boodaville, there were a few surprises waiting for me. 

The dirt track has been in a doubtful condition for a long time and I was pleased to see they made some major improvements at the start of the track. But my smile soon faded when I saw the bottom of the valley, where the track is crossing a dry riverbed. It was all mud and water. I’d never seen anything like it and I knew straight away the Boodacar wasn’t game for this crossing. 
So I parked the car and walked the last kilometer to Boodaville. On the way out I realized what an amazing choice I made to park the car. I was balancing on a slippery edge of mud when I lost my balance and went straight in. It was deep, sticky and it acted like quicksand. 
I’m looking forward to retain my freedom of movement after my quaratine is finished. First thing for sure will be a swim in the river! For now, a shower will do the trick but not nearly as satisfying…

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