Day 25 / Lockdown in Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

“Think about what you are doing to build a system in which scarcity is no longer an issue.”

Monday 6th April. I put an incredible amount of energy into the first hour of home-schooling today. Kira was playing quietly with play mobile, and I even left the room for a while and she carried on! Then I just about managed to get her to read a page of her book. I introduced stickers to try and encourage tasks, but she has no interest at all in getting stickers.. and deep down I am pleased about that. People shouldn’t do things for stickers they should do things for better reasons. But today, stickers would make the formal education tick list I have in my head easier.

By 11am I am sitting in the office crying. About my world of frustrations – (I lost the spreadsheet with the accounting I did last month, I never have any time, ordering online from veritas took me over an hour and won’t get delivered until 20th April, I get annoyed too easily by everything) and about the world out there, the uncertainty, the people. Then I find my spreadsheet and feel remarkably better.

I make a breakthrough when I find an amazing piece of technology that solves almost everything. Headphones! Then, and please steal this trick, I make myself a truly decent playlist, by going through the track list of the Chris Hawkins BBC 6music show and just adding each song. It takes less than 10 minutes! For busy people who have no time to choose music 🙂 This makes the day much much better, and fixes so many problems that by lunchtime, I’m out of the dip I’ve been in the last few days.

Today’s new project is finding more imaginative ways to encourage people to connect with nature from their windows – mentally noting all the living things you see, from seagulls to spiders, or putting seeds out for the birds – even if you don’t see what takes the seeds, in our experience something always does. There will hopefully, if Kira allows, be more videos on this soon.

We offered quiche to the neighbour downstairs but he said no! I know he is very busy working with MSF so it really would have made me feel better if we could have helped him. We are making fresh healthy food that will help keep him strong for his hours on the computer. But then I found an expecting mother in a whatsapp group who is asking for some baby stuff which we can give her. So, for today I have an outlet to “help”. I’m not sure if i’m joking or honest when I write that, but then I have a theory that all jokes ever, are actually the truth. Take another look at the quote at the top of today’s post, about creating abundance, and overcoming scarcity – that’s really why I do these things.

Spain has peaked but we are definitely locked down without any changes from the current situation until 26th April, and have had all the payments for school books, school food and swim classes cancelled or returned. So although school isn’t officially cancelled until September, it seems that is likely. In China I heard they are allowed out in groups of up to 4, and in northern Europe the first steps are opening other shops, and monitoring how people behave. If people behave themselves things go forwards.. if not, go back home.

Jessica had an adventure on Sunday travelling back from Belgium to the Netherlands. She had her bike and all her possessions, after finishing a work contract on a goat farm and moving away from the caravan life, she boarded a train, alone in Belgium. She left the train at the border, and everything was shuttered, no one on the street, and the border was gated and closed. After asking advice she was told that further north there was a place where the border was open. Not that open; she had to life her bike over a barrier! On the other side in Netherlands life was almost completely normal! People in groups, joke punching each other, although the shops were closed. She travelled home from there with no issues, although the only person on the train again.

Home-schooling 7 : Not bad, some cool stuff happened. We found a soft ball to be Kira’s pet hamster, and she attached it with thread to her t-shirt so it followed her around. We roller skated. I have finally put the skates on after buying them in January! Obviously roller skating is a rather irresponsable activity considering the high chance that we may have to make use of medical services – w both fell over bet were protected and careful I promise.

We found some seedlings growing randomly out of a pot of old soil! That was great, it’s almost doubled the number of plants actually growing. The next challenge is to find enough soil to grow a few plants to full size. I have ideas that include using a ladle from the kitchen (no trowel) to dig some up behind the house next to a footpath.

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