Day 22 / Lockdown in Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

Friday 3rd April. I desperately want to see the forest garden at Boodaville!! It has rained every week, the rivers are full, I heard from a neighbour who passes by that “everything is very green”. I can imagine!!! I just want to see it for real. I hope he can do me the favour of taking some photos. He says that although the village is on total lockdown, he can go about his day farming the various different fields he has, and even drinking alone in the bar his family owns.

I’ve been talking to people around the world and connected to the world. In Kampala the police are utterly brutal and since people are not allowed to travel in private cars after 7pm there are cases of people who have died of an existing condition because they couldn’t travel to hospital. Our downstairs neighbour volunteers for MSF and says he is working from 6.30am to 1am every day trying to help them source medical supplies. I feel pretty useless up here hanging out in the sunshine, but also know that since coordination of these things is insanely complicated, it’s not like you can just jump in and lend a hand. Imagine the task of coordinating the sourcing medical equipment from anywhere you can, and getting it to where it’s needed. In South Africa another friend is experiencing lock-down, and I imagine that the whole experience is much harder when you are in a relatively new home, sharing it between people that don’t deeply know each other. Once again I return to gratitude for everything I have here.

And a whole lot of gratitude for the improvement this Friday compared to last week. We are definitely better Mon, Tues, Weds, then start going downhill and tension sets in on Thursday, and Friday is likely explosion day. The weekend is a reset. So although in general I was feeling rather crap about the reality of a long-term lockdown today, (we don’t know what the world is going to look like in six months right? seeing headlines about that rocks me). It was important to implement extra levels of self-care and really work to avoid meltdown. I let go of the idea of getting work done, went to the organic shop via some little guerrilla gardens behind our house. I organised a videochat with our great friends in the UK and offered to be gamesmaster for their two kids and Kira. I got about 1 hr on the computer alone, and a bit more with the munchkin hanging around on the bed. Then when she slept I fell into a social media hole. It was lunchtime so I was too hungry to do anything productive and I cannot even remember what I was doing on social media! Too much input!

I saw a great tweet : We are not “working from home”. There is a crisis and we are trying to work.

Most importantly today – child’s exercise happened, we were all relaxed when Kira took a big siesta, Bernat is on fire with the breadmaking, noone had a tantrum. His brother is home from hospital.

Home-schooling 7 : apart from a daytime sleep and at least 2 hours of tv, we managed to squeeze in reading one page, and writing about what we did today, in between episodes of Peter Rabbit. In the morning Kira managed a video chat with a friend from school for about half an hour!! That’s a record, and very encouraging. Exercise and ball games with Mummy, and with painted faces we did the video chat games. I’m impressed with the game I invented – the two six year olds had to go off on missions to collect items from around the house (eg 5 purple things, 3 things rectangular shape) and the 10 year old and myself had to write down what we though the person in the other house would collect. I have to say it worked very well! We only guessed correctly sometimes, as I imagined. Key element : the six year olds have to return the things to their place before collecting the next set of items! The six year olds score a point for everything collected and the oldies for every correct guess. we got to 64 points, and it lasted longer than a free zoom meeting. Afterwards I asked Kira if she enjoyed it, she said no. Then I asked her if she would like to do it again, and she said yes. Small gifts…

Home-activism : nothing I noticed. I missed my usual cover photo change and promotion of Fridays for Future but I enjoyed entertaining other people’s children and hope it was helpful, and look forward to doing it again.

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