Day 21 / Lockdown in Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

Thursday 2nd April. Struggling to find time to write about today.

In summary, exercise is great and by the end of the day I felt better, but yoga wasn’t enough, 8:30pm striding up and down the terrace and running up and down the stairs still wasn’t quite enough, then in the bathroom while Kira was in the bath I went nuts dancing to Friend Like Me from Aladdin (great song). By the time I had been kicking my legs out for a while and one last long stretch down to my toes I think I got it all out. (to make space for the leg movements your feet go over the child in the bath)

The sun came out in the afternoon and I tried some DIY and managed a video about planting seeds. But Kira was NOT happy about that. All these projects that you imagine will be fun, or at least ok, to do together turn out with grumpy, or tv watching children.

I asked Kira how far away she would like Daddy to leave his phone while they play, and she said “in space”. I said ok cool good project, you make a rocket that can get to space and we’ll eject your parents mobile phones from the house! She didn’t find that particularly funny.

Coronavirus has reached Caseres, the village next to Boodaville, full of old people and half an hour drive from the nearest hospital. They are now not allowed to set foot outside the door, and one of our lovely neighbours there who did language exchanges with the volunteers has shown symptoms and been sent to isolation in Tortosa. I also heard that someone from Barcelona managed to escape the city to get to their second home in that area, then had to call an ambulance when they got sick. The locals are seriously UNimpressed.

The UK is talking about immunity passports, which seems nuts to me. Right now, they must be in the most important part of lockdown – the UK are surely on track to catch up with Spain in two weeks; with record deaths each day and hospitals massively overrun – if the lockdown now isn’t working then the peak won’t come. They won’t succeed in “flattening the curve”. So to offer people an incentive to catch the virus and recover seems pretty crazy… People do seem to care more about the economy than health, so surely there will be tons of people who want to catch the virus, so afterwards they will be allowed out to work? No? But people often say I think differently to others – like I think we should announce September dates for Maranya Festival, so people have a wonderful event to look forward to! That doesn’t seem so obvious to the others involved, maybe they are planning to fly away as soon as the chance arises.

Home-schooling 4 : tantrum, nothing like school work, a video call with Kira’s teacher that Bernat didn’t find very clear – although they may start having video classes in groups of 4 soon, one nice activity labelling the seed trays, and a treasure hunt made up by mummy out of desperation rather than joy.

Home-activism : no idea

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One thought on “Day 21 / Lockdown in Barcelona

  1. Good evening,I’m Irene,from Italy,I was with you and Oj,Oriol,and another wonderful girl called Katy from Germany three years ago,I had 23 years when I was with you in Boodaville and I was really shy but people around me was really nice and I felt in a family.
    Then,Oj died,I knew that from Oriol,or maybe from your blog.
    I cried a lot for him,I still remember his smile and his eyes and I felt his embrace a lot of times.
    In these days I thought about him and about my experience in Boodaville in general,I tought also that fortunatly women like you exists and never stopped to work for her deals.
    Well,after three years, I found your blog this morning.I don’t have facebook,or instagram,but I feel very linked with you. I miss place like Boodaville ,and I think that now it can be the right moment in the history to save us with every point that permaculture can learn. I’m sorry for my english,I’m trying to do my best. Anyway,I’m making my little garden in the house of my parents because I had to leave my house,I can’t pay the rent,and I can’t work in this moment.I’m waiting for money from the state. Pffff..I’ll have to wait a lot I think!I hope to find job in a farm again,I hope in the summer if this famous ”curve of contagion” will go down.
    My job place was in a small ”pizzeria” in the center of my city,it was a full time job and now I’ve time to do my job in the country (or,better,my first personal mistakes with permaculture experiments! )
    I send to you and to your daughter all of my affection, I remember the superblond hair of Kira and I’ve one of her pebble from Boodaville that she colored with a yellow marking pen.
    I’m searching in my pc some pictures to remember you my face and remember my stayed in Boodaville,I’ll send to you when I’ll find it.

    Have a nice day,

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