Day 20 / Lockdown in Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

Wednesday 1 April. A day of shit British weather, and I don’t mean shit weather “like the British have” I mean a day equivalent to a shit day by British standards. Grey, wind, rain all day and we haven’t seen the sun since Sunday. Boredom hit today, for me and for Kira. The prospect of not going anywhere was ok, and then suddenly today the reality of that seems HUGE.

In the parallel non-coronavirus world we are visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall with Kira’s cousins. One of my all time favourite things to do in the whole world. The book Tim Smit wrote “eden” about the process of creating that project from beginning to 2010 is incredible and a massive inspiration for me in the work towards our regeneration and education project in the Matarranya. It starts with an amazing idea, the right people, and community support at every step. Creating a share vision and a collective intelligence to take it forward, and inspiring people to work “at risk” ie you only get paid if we find the funding. I had no idea that big companies and wealthy people would do that, and now there are more and more people with a desire to be active in creating regenerative cultures towards better planetary health. Almost every article I read leaves me with a powerful desire to get the message out there “We are developing a holistic project, in answer to food sovereignty, ecosystem restoration, regenerative farming, education and creating employment – who wants to give us funding right now?” These two articles particularly :

Covid-19 is natures wake yo call to complacent civilisation   About food supply by Geoge Monbiot

Spain coronavirus response analysis About Spain’s terrible response to the crisis and the need to create employment after

(although the one criticising Spain has itself been highly criticised over here, and is culturally insensitive. Maybe it’s worse in Spain because families actually spend time with their grandparents? Some also say that Britain seem to be unaware of what’s about to hit them and should maybe chill out on the criticism??)

So we made it through today somehow, with big screens (youtube dance parties), small screens (a video game called Pou with a poo. Luckily Kira gets bored by the game after exactly 15 mins), a movie (Dora the Explorer – teaching 6 years olds about teenage high school angst. If our culture didn’t dictate to children that they should have teenage angst, would they get it?). There was something educational in there somewhere, she read a page of a book, and I made her run round the terrace three times in wellies with an umbrella.

I wrote the names of the seeds on the egg boxes in biro. They all washed off.

It’s all about sleep. Boredom is a lack of inspiration. There’s tonnes of things I want and could do in the house, and I even know what they are, but on days like this the tiredness blocks out the spark. I think in lockdown I need at least 8 hours sleep, possibly more. Also I haven’t done any exercise or physical activity for more that 15 min bursts the last two days.

Home-schooling 5 : I’m being kind to myself. As long as there’s no complete meltdowns, less than 3 hours of tv, Kira doesn’t get yelled at by us, and she doesn’t get damaged, then it’s always 5 or more.

Home-activism 2 : I managed some actual Boodaville work on the projects we run (see Instagram @boodavillepermaculture for a lovely link tree in the bio showing what we’re doing) but where’s the line between Boodaville work and activism? Well as Daniel Wahl and many others say:

Don’t ask what you can do, ask “What kind of society do we need to be to respond to this?”. You are doing something every day, with every decision you make.

(I’ve nearly finished his book!)

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