Day 19 / Lockdown Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

Tuesday 31st March. In the non-coronavirus parallel universe we are traveling to the UK to spend five days with all the cousins in Cornwall. As usual, based on the last few years, the weather in Cornwall for this trip is amazing while it rains in Barcelona. We switched the flights to September last week – with no cost. I added a few days to the trip to compensate Kira, she is pretty sad about missing this.

Bernat’s brother has finally tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone knew the “negative” quick test on Friday was unreliable, but the long test takes 8 hours, and they only have 10 machines. So by my maths they can only test absolute max, 30 people a day. Basically it took him 48 hours to get a reliable result, and yes, he has it. But we all knew that anyway! Why else would a 4 year old man, perfectly healthy apart from mild asthma, end up in hospital with flu like symptoms? We all knew it was covid. Maybe testing people in hospital isn’t the very best use of the tests? On the bright side, by the time it was “confirmed” he was already starting to feel better.

Apart from the queues and limited number of people in shops these days, getting food takes much longer because these days we have to wash all the shopping when it arrives to the house. The draining board is filled with wet packets of cheese, spaghetti, fuet, seeds and tins! Our technique is to give all the waterproof packaging a quick scrub over with washing up liquid. Soap and Alcohol kill the virus. I’ve heard some stories today about the amount of single-use plastic people are now using in the paranoia about this, and the bleach. Don’t get me started on bleach. I’m talking to some eco mums, how can we encourage #zerowaste #covid_19 living? So far there are no posts on instagram with those two tags. But I suggested waiting for the peak in cases/deaths before we start our plastic campaign.

Cases and deaths are still rising in Spain, but since the experience with Bernat’s brother I realise why. I’ve been working on the idea that if we don’t have symptoms after 14 days then we don’t have the virus. Which is true. And I had the idea that after 14 days everyone who picked up the virus before lockdown has been sick, and therefore the new cases should peak. But also we saw with Bernat’s brother that it took seven days after the initial symptoms to get so bad that hospitalisation was needed. So actually cases of hospitalisation could keep going up for another week. That was fairly hard to explain in writing! I wonder if I managed it.

Home-schooling 7 : rainy and inside, nothing inspirational. Table tennis in a closed corridor worked really well, the ball bounces around on the wall and you don’t have to go to far to pick it up! We were playing calmly, without talking for about ten minutes. We need to get the hang of video calls. They work brilliantly with Grandma, but not so well with other kids.

Home-activism. I can’t remember yesterday.

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