Day 18 / Lockdown in Barcelona

The unexpected yet beautiful home schooling/home activism experiment

Monday 30th April. A normal day. Lockdown is now normal. The home-schooling flows more freely. I feel refreshed and energised, happy and not scared of the world after two days without news and almost without screens.

I “met” a friend. We organised it with calls not messages πŸ™‚ I told him when I was going to the shop, he brought us a book for Kira in a plastic bag. We prepared some gifts for him and the family and put them in plastic too. I left his gift on a nearby bench. The anarchists of Barcelona doing secret things! Our gift is stowed away in a drawer, and after .. what’s safe? .. 5 days? we will get it out, virus free, and start reading Harry Potter. Kira drew a chalk drawing of Harry Potter on the terrace last week, I didn’t even realise she knew of him. She watched it at school!

It’s raining again, it has rained every Monday since lockdown, and more. The plants needed rescuing again, but we got there before they were completely underwater this time.

I made a second video for the ecological video series about swiss chard – in one take! And if there are errors in the Catalan it’s my memory, or also due to the fact that my Catalan teacher is 6 years old πŸ™‚

I’m concerned about our immunity. If we continue cleaning and bleaching everything that comes into the house, what will happen to the millions of mico-organisms we actually need to be alive to keep us healthy? This is why I’m happy with the idea of leaving things a few days, or putting them out in the sun, rather than increasing the use of chemicals in the home. I often wonder how we would all behave if this virus was much more deadly. What behaviour would we see then? How would we cope? (These are hypothetical questions, thought experiments not reality!) I read a long and reflective essay on covid-19 by Charles Eisenstein this evening which has ideas on everything, and more ideas on immunity. I recommend the read.

Home-schooling 8 : reading and drawing on school work, darts like game with Dad for numbers, dance class “SAMCAM TOLLS” on youtube. Kira loved it. Trying to fix the umbrella and Mum nearly supergluing her finger to the umbrella. A lot of learning went on there. Started making a card for the neighbour. Chats with Grandma

Home-activism 6 : I’m pleased with the chard video! sharing it around with parents and neighbours this evening. Not much online activity, I do plan to go to a PI meeting this week though.

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Day 15 – Family hospitalisations, drama and cabin fever

Day 16/17 online pub quiz, british media, digital detox, coronavirus test on brother in law doesn’t give the correct result.

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