Roof-constructing tales

We have seen Boodaville lately from a whole new perspective, the roof of the so called ‘old house’, to be more precise. The last week we have had to pleasure to work with Nick and continue the foundation laid for the roof last year. Also considering wet season will soon be upon us we have made some interesting watercatching systems…


We started by making the back of the house waterproof in two steps:

  • Creating a natural way for the water to flow a different route
  • Use stones lying around the make a natural dam

Then we attachted a gutter and placed a watertank to collect rainwater.



Because we aspire to be as environmentally friendly as we can and use only natural products we treated the wood ourselves. First by burning the top layers to keep insect off and then treating it with linseed oil.



The planks are ready and are professionally put in their right places by Nick. We finished the sides of the house with bottles we found at the dump. We used cal to hold the bottles in place and finished the inside! And yes, it was as much fun as it looks! The end result is awesome!




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