¡¡Boodaville Random Prize Raffle!!

(en castellano abajo)

…..Fundraising – Campaign deadline 17 March….

We are fundraising this month with a prize raffle – offering you the chance to win a selection of random and wonderfully creative prizes.

As you know we are a registered not-for-profit environmental association, and this fundraiser is to cover the costs of the next step in the development of our permaculture demonstration site and education centre. Our long term goal is the development of a working example of an eco-community that live regeneratively – leaving the world better than they find it.

We will be drawing the raffle in Poble Sec, Barcelona on the 17th March. You are all welcome to join us at this celebration of the project where you can learn more about our future!

Raffle tickets are only 1 euro each, so maximise your chances and grab a few!! We have members of the Boodaville team selling tickets all over the place, or contact Anna Boodaville via facebook. We will happily accept online payments direct to the Association if you want to support us that way!

Check out the full prize list below and start picking your favourite prizes… 

Good Luck!!

….Top prizes….

Drone video shoot of your property by professional filmmaker Bernat Rueda from RiDproduccions. (conditions apply: Only in rural area / max. 2,5 hours from Barcelona)

drone man

Personalised puppet video a personalised song by the Puppet Folk Band from Joggy Creations. A birthday wish, a song about your farm, or whatever you like!, which will be sent to you in a short video to share on your phone, email or social media! Joggy Creations is currently developing a stage show that involves permaculture, recycling, bioconstruction and taking care of the planet.

Maranya festival and camping holiday.  Camping tickets to the Maranya Festival (24 – 26 May) and a total of 5 nights accommodation in the campsite in Fuentespalda, near the incredible Els Ports mountain range. (Maximum 2 adults and 2 children)

* insert festival flyer when we have finished the design!! *

A work of art from the Familia Feliz project. In 2018 the artist Juan Petry invited creatives from Bahrein, Brazil, France, and other countries to paint with him together in a group session, all about love, and develop social artwork. “It’s simple. We are social people. We define ourselves in relation to others. Love creates links and connections between us, and give us the social space for personal happiness.” (Painting : shipped in Europe)love juan copy

Half day birdwatching trip for two in the Baix Ebre / Matarranya region with professional guide Robert der Groot 



….other prizes….

2x Maranya festival ticket (non-camping ticket)

2x 2 tickets for the BIG Improv Show in Barcelona (shows on 16 March, 26 April, 27 April, 17 May, 14 June,15 June, 6 July)

Cast Photo Serious Clowns - low res square

Access to a full month on an online meditation course with Helen Iles. Meditating online from the comfort of your own home is surprisingly rewarding!

When I do this, the kids are calmer and everything just flows a bit more. It’s a bit like being in nature – stepping into the flow and also bringing new energy.” Lisa

A pair of handcrafted origami earrings by Julie at nisa&moi

No photo description available.

Digital version of 3 documentary films produced by Living in the Future, an  ongoing project documenting sustainable communities and ecovillages around the world. Una copia del libro Mindfulness y Naturaleza publicado por la asociación Viaje a la Sostenibilidad.

A signed copy of the wonderful children’s book “The King and the Tree” by ecology teacher Kate Curtis. This book is bilingual in English and Spanish.King and tree4

A signed copy of the as yet unreleased new album by David Cevoli – Born to be Alone. CD format.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 21.26.32

A signed copy of the latest album by Giacomo Maria AKA Carpa Koi. CD format

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 21.31.17

The new, as yet unreleased, album by Kid Hyena. Digital format (to avoid plastic pollution.)

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

A bottle of organic, permaculture olive oil from the Penyaflor Permaculture Project near Tortosa in Baix Ebre.  P1170533 (1)

“…I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world (Elon Musk).”
“…I wanted to be involved in worlds that would change the thing (Juan Petry).”



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