We are looking for 4 long-term volunteers!

As part of a funded project from the European Solidarity Corps we are offering volunteer positions to young people who would like to work with Boodaville and live in Caseres, Catalunya from May to November 2019. This is an amazing opportunity to live in the comfort of the village by night, while working during the day in a permaculture project immersed in nature. As well as hands-on practical work volunteers will be expected to share the Boodaville experience both in person – via workshops, developing local networks and visiting conferences and activities around Spain, and via digital media; creation of online networks, production of high quality educational content for the blog, participation in forums, production of videos. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in national and international Permaculture projects.

The positions are fully financed including travel from home country, monthly allowance, living costs and transport. This is a contracted post for seven months and we will select the applicants that best fit the profile for interviews in February. Potential participants must be from Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary OR have an agreement with an accredited sending organisation from their country (EU program countries only).




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