Opportunities at Boodaville in 2019..

We have places available for French and Italian participants in our Youth Exchange “Let’s Regenerate” in April 2019. Below are the basic details and the application form.

Let’s Regenerate Youth Exchange

Activity dates: 9th -15th April 2019 (8th for arrival and 16th for leaving)

Project dates: 1 august 2018 until 30 June 2019 (this means flights can be bought as soon as you have been selected.)
Where: Boodaville (Caseres, Teruel, Spain) >> https://boodaville.wordpress.com/
Accommodation: TBC Probably in dorms in a small village 45 mins walk from Boodaville site
Topic: Permaculture / Regenerative Farming practical / YIP project
Who: 4 youths from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, UK, France

Organisation: http://boodaville.org/

Spend a week living and learning about ecological design and permaculture. This program includes group dynamics, permaculture sessions, documentaries, a short design project in a small group, space for sessions organised by you the participants, intercultural nights, visits to local places of interest and free time. On the last day of the program the participants themselves are going to organise an open event and present the project to guests from the local/regional community.

We will carry out one main practical project over the week in regenerative agriculture. The plan is to prepare the soil and plant a 600 square metre food forest, turning a compacted olive terrace, into a productive ecosystem! (See photos of the preliminary work at http://boodaville.org/permablitzing)

We will also be working in groups on the collaborative “Youth in Permaculture” project, and participants themselves can decide what they would like to create, design or do. (youthinpermaculture.org)

The program will take place between the village of Caseres where we will share accommodation and meeting places, and the Boodaville permaculture demonstration site, 45 minutes walk away, where we are immersed in nature and able to connect with ourselves and the natural world.

We hope that participants will make great connections and continue a path towards eco-living after the exchange, and that they will join us in the Youth in Permaculture project to to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture.

Application Form for Youth Exchange

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