I wrote an email to Women’s Permaculture Guild and this came out :
Hi Heather,
Thanks for all your amazing work on this. You are doing an excellent job of creating engagement.
I honestly have a little problem with the “women only” aspect. While i recognise completely that this is a “reformative” measure based on the current imbalance, I look forward to the time in the future where we can create a “revolutionary” platform representing the equal situation we are ultimately aiming for.

What do I want from your free online course?
I would like to offer the resources from the course to volunteers who come through Boodaville so they have access to your amazing network and resources
I would like to learn a good base in permaculture myself, and I don’t have much time for reading books. I did my PDC in my second language when my daughter Kira was 3 months old so I’d like some more info and to fill in the gaps.
I also want to produce a book, or several books, about what has happened at Boodaville over the years, one with photos of the project, and the designs, one with a kind of connections map about how far and wide Boodaville has had an impact, and thirdly a written book which describes in a clearer way the objectives, particularly with regards to non-formal education and the pedagogical theory behind the methods we use, (especially in the context of our current global situation with climate change, echo chambers and young rich people suffering incredibly high rates of mental illness) and the holistic design of the whole project (which includes a LOT of people care, and a big chunk of Fair Share). I’m inspired by the recently published “Children in Permaculture” book I’m reading written by Lusi, Didi and a third person i’ve not met, and who’s name escapes me. (sorry!)
A deeper reflection on Boodaville leaves me wondering how to fit “design” into the story of Boodaville, because although it is built entirely on the the three ethics, with decisions always taken on this basis, at the beginning certainly, we didn’t have a long-term design. Maybe the future of the project is to see how much better we can do after the last few years working beyond the ethics with “Permaculture DESIGN”.
I’m not sure that’s the answer you were looking for,
I wish I had more time to write more and read more!!

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